daily tributes: day 7 with mother


she sprinkles her conversations
with words and phrases
coined by others,
giving due and proper credit.

“as ruby mcelroy used to say,
‘it just does my heart good.'”

“as willie used to say,
‘it just slud down the hill.'”

“as kipp would say,
‘i didn’t know i be-ed this good.'”

“as alison would say,
‘this is ree-dik’-uh-lus.'”

each one
a tribute
in the vernacular
of those she once knew
and still loves.


  1. Mrsmediocrity

    and a beautiful tribute it is…

  2. angela

    Jeanne, Michael’s mother savored this sort of quotation and her conversations were peppered with them. We’ve tried to remember them, with mixed success–it’s great that you’re writing these down.

  3. Sally G.

    I think your journey to Self, your willingness to dig deep for your own thoughts, opinions and feelings knowing that your are worthy and capable of having your own thoughts, opinion and feelings is a beautiful tribute too.

    While she may not know how to express it without someone saying it out loud first ~ I’ve no doubt that your Mom is very proud of you.

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