Oh, let me count the ways:

~ Make one pair of red x’s. Make ten pairs. Make 100 pairs. Click right this way for specific information on things like sizing, materials, and how to send them to me.

~ Copy and paste this link:   to  your social media nests. Share it as often as you will using #70273. Tell people you work with, play with, worship with, walk with, stitch with, study with, play cards with. Tell people in the grocery store and in the library and at the gym. And not just once – this is a fire in need of frequent, regular stoking. Think once a day, once a week, once a month.

~ Download the info card with basic project information and where to find out more. Print as many as possible and keep them with you to put in the hands of other people. Leave them on public bulletin boards. Ask local businesses if you can leave several at the register.

~ Ask members of your quilt guild, your art league, your church circle, your clubs, your classes, your family to make a block.

~ If you’re a teacher, why not make this a class project or offer extra credit for blocks created? (Note: I will be crafting curriculum plans . . . unless you want to do that. wink, wink)

~ Invite me to write a guest blog post. Or interview me for your podcast.

~ Invite me to speak to your group. The Engineer and I travel a lot, so I just might be able to make it happen. (And know this: We’ll have ourselves A Big Time, as my daddy used to say.)

~ Be the hostess with the mostest – host a block party. Gather people together at your local library, church, school, in your living room, or anywhere else and make blocks.  

~ Encourage folks to give you blocks for your birthday or anniversary or just because. (There’s a place on the submission form to let me know it’s made and sent in your honor.)

~ If you’d like to make a financial contribution, thank you. There’s a pay pal donation button on my front page

~ Want to exhibit? Let me know.

~ I’m just one woman, which is to say I can’t think of everything, so tell me: what other talents and skills can you bring to the project?

~ Check back often for ideas, information, and inspiration. or better still: subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a thing, not a single, solitary thing.