humpy dumpty’s press agent: day 8


mother pays a bit attention to appearance than i do (you’ve seen the videos, so you know i’m telling the truth) a difference that was made apparent at breakfast this morning . . .

when we sat down to eat, i said, “this sure does look good.” as i raised my fork to eat, i noticed that the fried egg had broken during the cooking process, so i went to fetch my camera cause i take pictures of whatever strikes my fancy with the thought that i never know what kind of picture i’ll need to go with a post. when i sat back down and she saw me raise the camera, she laughed and said, “oh no you don’t, you stinker” and reached over to put a couple of pieces of toast over the egg.

“mother, i like it and i want a picture of it,” i said, (it sounds a lot whinier when i write it than it did when i said it) moving the toast back to the side of the plate.

“no,” she said, the smile fading. “no, you don’t,” and she moved the toast back on top of the egg.


i once again moved the toast to edge of the plate and quickly took my picture.


i put two pieces of toast over the eggs and snapped a picture of that.

“there,” i said. “how’s that?”

“that’s better,” she said, her smile returning. “and you have to promise to use my picture, too, if you write about this.”

then we ate.

and i did.


  1. Mrs Mediocrity

    Yes, you did. good for you. I would have said okay, and then just used my own picture. I think. Well, maybe I would have used hers too, it’s hard to say. You are a good daughter.

  2. Julie Daley

    what Mrs. Mediocrity said… you are a good daughter.

  3. Anonymous

    Ohmyword! I can see and hear this going on — love it!! And the comments: Jeanne is a good egg — hahahaha!! Funny, funny folks!!

  4. Sally G.

    You may not be aware of this yet ~ but your Mom is learning a lot from you right now. And it strikes me here that she is practicing ‘how to be Brave’, because she sees you doing it, and admires what she sees.

    There’s a shift happening Jeanne. In a similar situation with someone I know for whom ‘optics are everything, the perception of others defines who you are, etc.’ ~ she’d have gotten upset/angry and refused to budge until she’d seen me actually delete the picture that ‘flaunted’ the fact she could not fry an egg properly. (Her interpretation of events, of course.)

    Keep being Brave. Keep being You. What a gift for your mother …

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