Why yes, I am late . . . again  . . .


because I was out of town . . . again. This time visiting my cousin, Mary and her husband, Danny, and being treated to four days of trekking down memory lane and playing games and, of course, making blocks. We did two days of back road trips – aren’t they The Most Fun?! – seeing various parts left standing of the old textile mills and hearing the most wonderful stories about life in mill towns and villages. I’ll do a post about that later, but for now, let’s see what’s been happening in The 70273 Project.

I got back to around 3000 emails and over 500 Facebook posts, messages, and comments – isn’t that WONDERFUL?  Such gusto and enthusiasm for The 70273 Project! Blocks are being made. Quilts are being requested. Exhibit venues are being suggested. It’s all good. Real good. Now if you’re one who emailed me or communicated somehow on Facebook and you haven’t yet heard back from me, please don’t interpret my slow response as disinterest because nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ll get to you, I promise. This week finds me on deadline for two articles and a quilt that I’m selling to raise funds for The 70273 Project, so my correspondence time is rather limited, but I’ll get caught up, and in the meantime, Thank you for being such an enthusiastic and involved member of The 70273 Project Brigade.

Thanks to one app and one online program, I am learning and relearning French. (According to the app that sends me an alarm every night at 10 o’clock reminding me that it’s time for my French lesson, I am now 2% fluent in French. Ha.)

We have now been visited by people in 86 different countries. Yes, really.

And thanks to:
Dorothy Gibson  (Kansas, USA)
Greta Wells (Vermont, USA)
Sarah (United Kingdom)
Jan Stone (Missouri, USA)
Christine Escots (France)
Suzanne McCarthy, (Michigan, USA)
Mary Hewell Tate (Georgia, USA)
Danny Tate (Georgia, USA)
The Engineer (Andy Chambers, North Carolina, USA),
our block count is now . . . a cool 3803! Remember that Kitty Sorgen has set our next incremental goal at 5,000 blocks in my hands by 12/31/2016, so stitch on, y’all!

And always, always, always Thank you for all you do to commemorate those who died, celebrate those who live, and educate all who will listen. It’s what we are about here at The 70273 Project.