I’ve been quilting since 1983. Mostly traditional quilting, till the last few years; and now, I find myself enjoying the art side of quilting, as well as painting. I’ve taught quilting for many years.


We’ve moved several times over the years, and quilting always proved a huge part in assimilating into our new communities. We winter in Florida, and I’m in a quilt guild and group here, as well as here in Canada. I also belong to the Canadian Quilters Association and  the American Quilters Association.


I’m married to a wonderful supportive husband, Jim, and we have four grown children. One of our children lives in Europe, so we visit there often. On one visit, we went to Prague and visited the Jewish Cemetery. The memorial to the victims of the Holocaust was chilling as were the stories we heard in Budapest.


I’m proud to send three simple blocks. Two were fused and one painted. I believe this is a wonderful tribute and great challenge anyone could and should do. Thank you for leading it.

Eleanor Macmillan


It’s wonderful to meet you, Eleanor. Thank you for being a part of The 70273 Project.

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