While I was in another state with my 3-month old grandson in my arms, y’all were stitching and typing and reading and talking up a storm. What is happening in The 70273 Project over the past two weeks is so incredibly exciting. I now hear from 84 different countries and continents, and great, exciting plans are being made for blocks, quilts, workshops, exhibits, and other happenings in Europe. There is so much, you might expect more frequent blog posts over the coming few weeks.



On Saturday, 8/27/2016, my daughter-in-law and grandson took me to meet one of our most prolific block makers, Carolyn Katzoff for lunch. Yes, I really did get to call Carolyn “Sugar” to her face! It was so much fun, you just wouldn’t believe. Thank you, Marnie and Calder Ray, for taking me to meet Carolyn. And Carolyn, thank you for taking the time and for all the goodness you bring to The 70273 Project. Oh, and get this: while Carolyn was looking at the quilt I made for my son, Kipp, (you should see the quilts she is making for her granddaughter, Aero, and her daughters-in-law – oh, she has such an eye for colors!) a waiter came through, asked about the quilt, and told us that his wife has just started quilting. So what did I do? What any of you would’ve done: I told him about The 70273 Project, wrote the information down for him, and made him pinky swear to give it to his wife. You just never know when you’re gonna’ run into somebody who might join us.

After auditioning several apps and software programs, I have downloaded an app that will help me learn to speak in French without (too much) embarrassing myself.

Chloe Grice created a sister Facebook group in French for those who are more comfortable speaking, writing, and reading French. Go here to join the English-speaking group . . . here to like the English-speaking Facebook page . . . and here to join the French Facebook group

Quilt 3, Pieced and Quilted by Margaret Williams arrived. I’ll be showing and telling you more about that real soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about Margaret here and here.


And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: The Block Count. Thanks to delightfully decorated envelopes from:
Marti Anderson
Mary Callen
Janat Hillary
Carol Reed
Cameron Tobias
Cecile Denis
Kitty Sorgen
Jillian Urbach
Lucy Urbach
Jill Urbach
Sandra Urbach
Dan Sorgen
Andrew Urbach
Teddy Pruett
Deidre McConathy
MJ Kinman
Deena Sanders
Carolyn Katzoff
Rosalie Roberts
Monica McCarthy
Christina Cromwell
Margaret Wiliams
who sent in a whopping total of 589 blocks, I now have in my possession 3756 blocks! That’s a mere 1244 blocks shy of our next incremental goal set by Kitty Sorgen, our resident coxswain of 5,000 blocks by 12/31/2016. What say we meet that goal long before the end of the year?

We are now on Day 4 of The First The 70273 Project Adventure: Let’s Collaborate. You, Dear Makers, each have 26 more days (postmarked by 9/30/2016) to make and send me up to 50 blocks in the choice of your size (along with your completed Provenance Form, of course. Your blocks will have only one X on them, and I will make the second X. See? You and me, we collaborate. So get your fabric, thread, and needles going and let’s make lots and lots of beautiful blocks together.

Thank you all for everything you are doing to commemorate the 70273 disabled people who died, celebrate those with special needs who live among us today, and educate ourselves and others as a way to make sure such an atrocity as Aktion T4 never happens again. Ever.


And remember, there are more places to find and share The 70273 Project in addition to the ones linked to in the post:
Instagram (be sure to use #the70273project)