Week 21 in Review (July 4-10, 2016)


It’s 3:34 in the morning here at The 70273 Project Heartquarters. Can you believe I’m (kinda’) early posting the week in review for a change? In a few hours, I’m heading out for a surface design workshop The Engineer found last year before The 70273 Project was even a blink of an idea, and though I could sure use the time here in The Dissenter’s Chapel & Snug (my studio),  I’m going and planning to thoroughly enjoy myself whilst I spend time by myself with cloth and thread in my hands (and 70273 project work at night).

Honestly, I’m getting a teensy little bit nervous about this because I (finally) read the information they sent me about the workshop, and I want y’all to know that this instructor likes math and she apparently uses it a lot in what she’s gonna’ teach us. Good thing there aren’t any grades involved cause I sense the distinct possibility that I’ll be winging it and stitching to the beat of my own drummer. (How’s that for mixing metaphors?) (Remember: no grades.)


I’ve prepared four more bundles of blocks that will head out the door to Piecers in the next week or so. And speaking of Piecers and Quilters . . . help me show a little love to our MJ Kinman who has graciously agreed to become The Coordinator for Piecers and Quilters. (She needs a snappy title. Ideas?) Blocks and quilts will continue to be mailed to me, and I’ll be the one mailing blocks out to Piecers, but everything in between will be handled by MJ. A big round of Thank you to MJ for taking this on.


Don’t let the short stack fool you. Even though the Independence Day holiday made for a short week, we still add 98 blocks to the count, bringing our in-hand total to 2392! Let’s have a big hip, hip, hooray . . . then get back to stitching ’cause our Coxswain Kitty has set our next goal for 3,000 blocks by Labor Day (9/5/16).

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, y’all have yourselves a fine week now, ya’ hear me?


  1. Chloe

    Yay! A thousand kisses to the ever-lovely MJ! xo

    • whollyjeanne

      Agreed . . . and I’m saving some for you, too. xoxoxoxoxo

      • Chloe

        I forgot to add how beautiful those little bundles are! Kisses to you too – Bises, of course, in French xxx

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