Block112BarbaraAtwell3.5x6.5 copy

Block140BarbaraAtwell3.5x6.5 copy

Block125BarbaraAtwel3.5x6.5l copy

Block149BarbaraAtwell3.5x6.5 copy(Some of the blocks made by Barbara Atwell, 3.5×6.5)

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

Block150BevWiedeman3.5x6.5 copy

Block155BevWiedeman3.5x6.5 copy(Some of the blocks made by Bev Weideman, 3.5×6.5)

only light can do that.

Block156AnonymouseMaker4 copy(Block made by Anonymous 4, 6.5×9.5)

Hate cannot drive out hate;

Block157AnonymousSix copy(Block made by Anonymous 5, 3.5×6.5)

only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Barbara Atwell’s first batch of blocks arrived on 3/22/2016, a little over a month after The 70273 Project launched. Envelope 14 also included blocks from some of Barbara’s fellow Truckee Meadows Quilters guilt. To this day, Barbara remains devoted in her support, regularly sharing links to blog posts on her Facebook timeline, stitching more blocks, and continuing to share information with fellow members of the Truckee Meadows Quilters.

Thank you, Barbara and Bev, and thank you to your two friends who wish to remain anonymous.

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