Dear Jeanne,

Here as well as in all Europe, we have begun to decorate our home in red and green. This Tuesday is St. Nicholas’ Day, a millennial celebration, one of the most long-awaited days for children in Northern and Eastern Europe. They will receive candies, chocolate, and other presents from the great-grand-father of Santa Claus of December 25th.


Dearest Jeanne, do you want some chocolate and candies from us, just as if St. Nicholas was coming home today?

Well, what would you say to know that as many as 40 new Makers offer 129 blocks to Le Projet 70273?

Our dear newcomers are:
Brigitte Balaguerie
Jeannine Baltieri
Francoise Bediee
Helene Berretta
Maryse Brus
Annie Cathala
Marie-Paule Celma
Marie-Jo Dimas
Paulette Dubiau
Renee Durand
Jacqueline Egea
Chantal Eschalier
Anne-Marie Esteban
Felicia Eychenne
Yank Flandey
Dolores Juarez
Aline Lopez
Daniele Martinez
Catherine Moliet
Martine Paulmier
Francoise Planques
Henriette Scriva
Marie-Christine Secco
Jeannine Sutra
Michele Verguet
and 15 Anonymous Makers.

All these dear quilters make their blocks for the commemoration of the 70273 victims. These blocks will all be pieced, quilted, and displayed in Lacaze on June 25, 2017.


On a top being sewn, a Santa Claus from Jim Shore is perfectly at ease.

Soon we will send you photos of the tops made with these blocks! A total of 6 are being made or quilted in Occitanie. We hope to be able to show at least 20 quilts in Lacaze on June 25, 2017, so let’s keep on making blocks!

Your faithful friend,


It is such a delight to receive your letters, Katell, and while you know how much I adore chocolate, I’ll gladly take the blocks instead. Please tell the good quilters in Occitanie that on behalf of the 70273 people we commemorate, I am deeply grateful to them and to you for all the time, energy, and expertise you invest in The 70273 Project. You can find more from Katell in her previous letter, on the Clarions Page and on her blog.