I know, I know. I’ve been promising holiday cards, and here they are – at last. With the help of The Engineer and Chloe Grice, I’ve created an assortment of digital and print cards.  And every block in the Christmas tree design was created by our own Deirdre McConathy. And the words came from y-o-u. Over in Facebook land, I asked you to share some of your favorite greetings, and I’ve used  words from Ada Hewell (wave to the nice readers, Mom), Peggy Franke, and Patty Nies to craft an assortment of holiday greeting cards. So once again: collaboration gets the job done!

The cards come in all denominations: some are ready to attach to an email; some are postcards to print for those who have just enough time to sign their name; and some are notecards for those who want to include a little note. All can be printed from your home computer and are free to use.

Donations not required (but they are appreciated and can be made using the Donate button in the sidebar on the home page.)

Help yourself to any or all of these specially-designed-and-ready-to-go birthday and Christmas cards and feel free to send others over here to help themselves, too.

Click here for  digital postcards.
Click here for printable postcards.
Click here for printable notecards.
Click here for digital and here for here for printable birthday cards.
Note: Cards may appear blurry because I enlarged them for a better viewing experience. They’ll print clearly, though.

More cards coming for other holidays and special days, so check back often by clicking the link to The 70273 Card Shop in the sidebar 70273 Project Directory or using the pull-down menu at the top of your screen. And hey, thanks for helping get the word out about The 70273 Project.


All designs ©The 70273 Project, Inc.