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Recap: Weeks 70 to 78 (June 12 – August 13, 2017)

Quilt #44 made by the Can’canettes in France

So much water has gone under the bridge since I posted last . . . where to start?

~ Prepared and submitted a proposal to be a  Special Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX in November
~ Began a complete web site makeover for The 70273 Project, but what with family issues and commitments and that pesky thing known as the paying job, it is coming along at the speed of cold molasses
~ Applied for an Interactive Booth at the International Quilt Festival (more about this soon)
~ Began dividing up my work into Areas of Responsibilities, streamlining and documenting my systems, and recruiting people to take over leadership of various Areas of Responsibilities. More about that soon, too.
~ Created labels for umpteen quilts

The Temple in Lacaze, Fance

~ We were juried in to be a Special Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival. I’ll need help, so be watching for sign-up sheets.
~ At the end of the day of the exhibit, the Mayor of Lacaze informed me of his intention to have a permanent shield created that will become a permanent part of the Temple declaring that The 70273 Project exhibited here.

Judy Jochen at the second Peachtree City Library Block Drive on 8/5/2017

There has been much travel in the past 8 weeks:
~ June 17 found me in Georgia at the Peachtree City Library for their first block drive. It was a rousing success. Big thanks to Peggy Thomas for being there to help plan and present to Jill Prouty, Library Administrator and Rebecca Watts, Circulation Supervisor for embracing and supporting The 70273 Project.
The Engineer and I  were in France for in France from June 20 to June 27  for the first major European exhibit of The 70273 Project in Lacaze.
~ We visited Nancy June 29 to July 6.
~ On July 5 I was delighted and honored to tell members of the dynamic group known as the  Orlando Modern Quilt Guild (of which I am now a proud dues-paying member, I want you to know) about The 70273 Project.
~ The first Work Day for The 70273 Project at the Peachtree City Library on July 25, and again I thank Peggy Thomas for handling all things sewing-related; Wendy Darling for handling all things non-sewing related; Jill Prouty for letting us use a room; Laurel Alford for coming with her sewing machine to make and attach and amend hanging sleeves then taking some home to work on; Patti Atchley for coming and sewing on labels and taking quilts home to sew on more labels; Leslie Wade for bringing food when she came to help; Joan Veslmid, Mike Ray, and Sherry Stone Blackmon of Keller Williams Realty for showing up to help and learn more; Kelly Blackmon, Adele Klingshirn, Kim Mashburn for helping bundle blocks; and of course to The Engineer for schlepping things to and fro, fro and to. Everybody who came said they left knowing a lot more about The 70273 Project than they did when they arrived . . . which  means, well, there’s something fun coming up in the near future.
~ Peggy Thomas taped and posted the first FB Live for The 70273 Project  at the work day, two of them, actually!
~ The second Peachtree City Library block drive was held on August 5, and again, it was a rousing success. Many people who came and made blocks at the first block drive came back, and many new people came to sew blocks. Peggy Thomas was on hand again, as was Jan Ward from the first block drive and Patti Atchley (from the first work day) to make blocks and help.
~ All around these dates, we’ve been entertaining company or out of town finishing up our daughter’s move, helping her with a yard sale, readying a house to sell, and babysitting in Denver.

Quilt #225 made by Beatrice Dockter (This quilt is so soft, I wanted to sleep under it.)

Just today, I gave out Quilt #226! I don’t have all of them in my hands, but I have many in my hands and more arriving every day. Though it’s possibly an incomplete list, due to the fact that checking in blocks and quilts requires me to be home to fetch them from the post office, thank you to these good people for sending me quilts. If you don’t see your name here, don’t panic. It could very well mean that I simply haven’t had time to open your package and check your quilt in yet.
Esther Muh
Sylvie Corrager
Australian Quilt Association
Jan Stone
Elaine Fields Smith and Amy Castillo (I received 3 quilts from Elaine!)
Members of the Truckee Meadows Quilt Guild
Beatrice Dockter
Margaret Andrews (2 quilts, actually!)
Jane McCarthy
Peggy Thomas
Nan Ryan
Maria Conway
Debra Woods
Members of the Thimbleberry Lovers online quilting group
Kris Phillips and Debra Woods
Sharlene Jespersen
Sarah Lauzon
Alejandrina Pattin

Bundles ready to go

Thank you to these good people for offering to Piece, Quilt, or both bundles of blocks:
Patti Lapinsky (3 bundles)
Cindy Cavallo (2 bundles)
Michelle Freedman (1 bundle)
Margaret Williams (5 bundles)
Debra Jorbert and Karol Evans (1 bundle)
Mary Sorensen (1 bundle)
Zonetta Glenn and Debra Jolbert (1 bundle)
Laura Brained (1 bundle)
Alejandrina Pattin (1 bundle)

Incoming Week 77

Thank you to these good people for sending blocks (though the same caveat applies: if you don’t see your name, it could be that I haven’t been home long enough to check your blocks in):
Deborah L. J. MacKinnon (USA)
Suzy Jubin (Switzerland)
Layette Martin (France)
Chantal Sogno (France)
Christine Prades (France)
Marie-Claude Paris (Netherlands)
Nadine Gaudin (France)
Janette Resano (France)
Dominique Bernot (France)
Annie Rimbault (France)
Nicole Dufour (France)
Yolanda Dray (France)
Martine Priarli (France)
Marie Claire Vagnati (France)
Laetitia Brugere (France)
Dominique Deutsch (France)
Danielle Fayet (France)
Claire Schwartz (France)
Christianne Humbert (France)
Chloe Grice (France)
Cecile Dennis (France)
Kellye Rose (USA)
Judy Pirtle (USA)
Susan Getchell (USA)
Alida Palmisano (USA)
Mary Robak (USA)
Kathryn Wagner (Canada)
Emma Suleiman (USA)
Catherine Rozenknop (France)
M. Bonnot (France)
Christine Guillermer (France)
Marie-Jose Perin (France)
Alejandrina Pattin (USA)

Our current block count is: 19306!
Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the graph and watch our cylinder as it fills.
And just think: there are still more quilts and blocks to be mailed, checked in and/or fetched from the post office! Give yourselves a hand and please accept my deepest gratitude that you’ve chosen to spent your time and talent commemorating these people who didn’t deserve to die because they are different.

Week 69: June 9-15, 2017 Recap

Week 69 – up and down the road we went. One night atop the mountain, then it was right back down. Highlights of the week include . . .

On Saturday, 6/17/17, Peggy Thomas and I held a block drive at the Peachtree City Library in Peachtree City, GA. When Library Administrator Jill Prouty stopped by our booth at Fayette Woman Live last March to hear about The 70273 Project and make a block, she immediately invited us to hold a block drive as part of their summer theme, Build a Better World. We immediately said Yes.

Many blocks were made on Saturday – including blocks from people visiting Peachtree City from China, India, and Australia! Peggy and I proposed to Rebecca Watts, Circulation Supervisor, that they collect blocks throughout the summer and make a Peachtree City Library Quilt in the fall. Rebecca not only agreed, she asked if she could display some Middlings on the ends of the shelves. Guess what I said! Peggy is creating go bags of materials to make blocks, so when you stop by the library to grab your bag or turn in your blocks, take a minute to look at Middlings 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52 made by Margaret Williams (Tucker, GA USA) and Middling #134 made by Maria Conway (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Annie Labruyere paid a heartwarming visit to the vocational school Armand Malaise in Charleville-Mezieres, France, and she wrote about it in Episode 1 and Episode 2

Wendy Reed’s involvement in The 70273 Project has grown since she first heard about it. Here’s the latest.

Katell Renon (what would I do without her?) writes about another example of how French and Americans work together with creativity and dedication to ensure that history is not forgotten.

And in case you missed it, Katell writes of the upcoming-won’t-be-long-now First Major European Exhibit of The 70273 Project in Lacaze, France that she and many others have worked tirelessly to bring into being.

Frances Holliday Alford – Thank you!

The 70273 Project Quilt 141, made by Debra Woods

Quilt 134: Maria Conway: (Argentina) 202 commemorations
Quilt 141: Debra Woods (USA)  (31 commemorations)
Suzy Jubin (Switzerland)
Layette Martin (France)
Chantal Sogno (France)
Christine Prades (France)
Marie-Claude Paris (Netherlands)
Nadine Gaudin (France)
Janette Resano (France)
Dominique Bernot (France)
Annie Rimbault (France)
Nicole Dufour (France)
Yolanda Dray (France)
Martine Priarli (France)
Marie Claire Vagnati (France)
Laetitia Brugere (France)
Dominique Deutsch (France)
Danielle Fayet (France)
Claire Schwartz (France)
Christianne Humbert (France)
Chloe Grice (France)
Cecile Dennis (France)

Which brings our block count to: 18,078! 

Thank y’all for continuing to commemorate, and remember: June is Middling Month (though you can make a Middling any time, of course), so maybe you want to kick the summer off (depending on what part of the world you call Home) by stretching your creative wings.

On we grow as on we sew!


Weeks 60-69 (4/3 – 5/11, 2017) Recap

The 70273 Project Quilt #10 brings home some new jewelry!

Good news: the reconstruction is as finished as it’s ever going to be, so I’ve dedicated myself to getting the blocks checked-in (among other things). You might want to fix yourself something to drink, cause we’re gonna’take this week by week, and there are a lotta’ weeks to cover . . .

My maternal grandmother’s paper scissors still sail right through paper like cutting through melted butter. I don’t know if they make ’em like this any more.

Week 60: 4/3-9, 2017 Highlights

  • The Engineer prepared and filed the income tax report.
  • Elaine Fields Smith and Pam Patterson had a booth at the Stephenville Native & Heirloom Plant Fair in Texas.
  • Received blocks from:
    • Kathryn Snow (GA/USA)
    • Deborah L. J. MacKinnon (WA/USA)
    • Sandra Readler (VT/USA)
    • Rebecca Hart (MO/USA)
    • Tree Kuhalich (SC/USA)
    • Sharon Brendle (WA/USA)
    • Vickie Turner (GA/USA)

Closeup of Quilt #10

Week 61: 4/10-16, 2017 Highlights

  • A post on the French Patchwork Guild blog
  • A post by Sandi Hazelwood on The Crafty Planner Blog
  • Computer meltdown (a.k.a. major angst)
  • Donations received from:
    • Frances Alford (financial – Thank you!)
    • Susan Burch (fabric – Thank you!)
  • Blocks received from:
    • Anon
    • Margaret Williams (GA/USA)
    • AnneVisart deBocarne (Belgium)

Week 62: 4/17-23, 2017 Highlights

  • Reconstruction from computer meltdown begins
  • Block drive at Fayette Senior Services; in Fayetteville, GA on 4/21
  • Received blocks from:
    • Tricia Stearns (GA/USA)
    • Sandy Snowden (England)
    • Betty Buford (UK)
    • Nancy Glynn (GA/USA)
    • Paula Anderson (GA/USA)</li>
    • Anne Rodriguez (GA/USA)
    • Carlotta Vagaro (GA/USA)

Making blocks in the Channel Islands, UK

Week 63: 4/24-30, 2017 Highlights

  • Sent Quilt #31 off to quilter Janet Eidem
  • Sent bundles of blocks to:
    • Janine Morrell
    • Francs Alford
  • Developed and posted new guidelines for registering a quilt with The 70273 Project
  • Another block drive in the Channel Islands, UK organized and facilitated by The 70273 Project Ambassadors Kim Monins and Gisele Therezien. Even the Parish Constable & Vicar showed up to participate!
  • Pam Patterson, Jiny, and Bob: met at post office for delightful (if short) visit and hand delivered blocks, fabric, and smiles.
  • Blocks received from:
    • Margaret Williams (GA/USA)
    • Kris Phillips (WA/USA)
    • Wendy Anton (England)
    • Pam Patterson (TX/USA)
    • Cathy Watkins (CAN)
    • Susan Burch and grands (GA/USA)

Screen shot from Instagram: Cera.Bee quilts #104 of The 70273 Project.

Week 64: 5/1-7, 2017 Highlights

  • Donation received from Teddy Pruett – Thank you, Sugar!
  • Sent bundles to:
    • Frances Alford, Quilt 151
    • Janine Morrell, Quilt 135
  • Blocks received from:
    • Rosemary Wellner and A Circle of Friends (NJ/USA)
    • Maria Conway (Argentina)
    • Marina Olivari (Argentina)
    • Beth Baray (NJ/USA)
    • Bev Betz (NJ/USA)
    • Betty Bryson (NJ/USA)
    • Pat Edwards (NJ/USA)
    • Pat Fox (NJ/USA)
    • Florence Grehlinger (NJ/USA)
    • Jean Hills (NJ/USA)
    • Arlene Schnaare (NJ/USA)
    • Dutch Wests (NJ/USA)
    • Linda White (NJ/USA)
    • Sherron Davis (NJ/USA)
    • Liz Johnson (NJ/USA)
    • Ann McCay (NJ/USA)
    • Annie O’Brien (NJ/USA)
    • Sandy Renninger (NJ/USA)
    • Linda White (NJ/USA)
    • Dianna Kelly (NJ/USA)
    • Sally Clark Massinio (NJ/USA)
    • Barbara Piquet (NJ/USA)
    • Cathy Skinner (NJ/USA)
    • Jeanne Hewell-Chambers (NC,GA/USA)
    • Deirdre McConathy (KY/USA)

The 70273 Project had a presence at the Traverse City, Michigan Human Rights Awareness Night thanks to 70273 Project Ambassador Suzanne McCarthy

Week 65: 5/8-14, 2017 Highlights

  • Suzanne McCarthy had a table at the Traverse City, MI Human Rights Commission event on 5/9, and some really good things have come from it.
  • A good post by Annie Labruyere on her blog
  • Spent the week at the beach with my family, so not home to receive blocks.

Week 66: 5/15-21, 2017 Highlights

  • Identification and reconstruction of information lost in computer meltdown still continues
  • The blog theme broke, so as a stop-gap measure, I spent time rearranging things so nothing is lost or unsightly, and in the meantime, I continue to work on the site makeover as time permits.
  • Blocks received from:
  • Quilt #3 hung in the Tree City Quilt Guild show in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Blocks received from:
    • Eileen Bradshaw (FL/USA)
    • Laver Austin (FL/USA)
    • Donna Lee (IL/USA)
    • Cindy Cavallo (NV/USA)
    • Anonymous
    • Debbie Burchell (CAN)
    • Glenna Kelley (FL/USA)
    • Jody Kelley (FL/USA)
    • Alta Paul (FL/USA)
    • Carolyn Katzoff (CO/USA) Collaborative blocks!*
    • Little Luna (VA/USA)

Special delivery from Tracey Selingo

Week 67: 5/22-28, 2017 Highlights

  • Designed shipping labels
  • Reconstruction continues. Sigh.
  • A good post by Rebecca Glotfelty
  • Blocks received from:
    • Margaret Williams (GA/USA)
    • Jan Stone (USA)
    • Tracey Selingo (PA/USA)
    • Dave Harman (UK)
    • Vanessa Black (GA)
    • Idalina DaSilva (CAN)

Week 68: 5/29-6/4, 2017 Highlights

  • A good post by Wendy Reed
  • A good post by Annie Labruyere
  • Blocks received from:
    • Andrea Schupbach (Germany)
    • Becky Lawyer (IN/USA)

Kim and Steve Monins from Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Week 69: 6/5-11, 2017 Highlights

  • A good post by Jan Stone
  • Send a bundle of blocks to Patti Baymiller to piece
  • Delivered 5 bundles of blocks to Margaret Williams to piece and quilt
  • The 70273 Project Quilt #10 won herself some new jewelry (a.k.a. a Third Place Ribbon in the Group Quilts Category) at the East Cobb Quilt Guild Show.
  • The 70273 Project Ambassador Kim Monins and her husband, Steve came across the pond and paid us a visit. One night simply wasn’t long enough, though, even if they do talk funny. Hoping for more time next year.
  • Blocks received from:
    • Jean Gelsinger (MO/USA)
    • Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild (CA/USA)
    • Norma Hanlon (MN/USA)
    • Vina Missel (MI/USA)

There were many quilt numbers handed out and several quilts received.
I’ll tell you about those in future posts.

Okay, you might want to put your beverage down now
before you read any further, cause this is Big, y’all. This is Real Big . . .

Our current block count is – are you ready?


I’m not kidding – 17,735 people have been commemorated as of Sunday, 6/11/2017.
Y’all give yourselves a great big hug.
But wait . . . there’s more.

Block #17,568 made by Little Luna

I won’t name names, but some of you more mathematically inclined
may have already picked up on the fact that the magic 25% number
is 17,568, and now I present our block #17,568 made by Little Luna.
If her name sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve already met her.

Thank you to all of you who have stitched, who continue to stitch, and who will stitch.
To those who don’t want to stitch but do want to help commemorate,
perhaps you’d like to make a financial donation
by mashing the Donate button in the sidebar.
We have a lot of quilts to get home from around the world,
and other expenses are starting to mount,
so I promise we’ll put your money to good use.

We may have hit a milestone – a sizable milestone – and there are many more
to commemorate, so I hope this motivates you to recommit to
more stitching, to more telling, to more commemorating.
And hey, remember: June is Middling Month!



Weeks 52-59 (2/13/2017 – 4/2/2017) Recap

My constant companion during The Great Reconstruction, my Scratch Pad – receptacle for all notes about what I’ve done and what I need to do and what I might try next and other assorted detritus.

After spending many, many 14-16 hour days (and a few 24 hour days) reconstructing the information that was lost in the computer meltdown by sifting through emails, backed up files, paper files, handwritten notes, memory, blog posts, other people’s blog posts, and anywhere else I can think of to look for information, I’m ready to begin bringing us up to date . . . with emphasis on the word begin. There is still much to do, and I thank you for your continued patience. You may have assumed that I have grown tired of the project and had begun drifting away, but let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. My passion remains high and intact for The 70273
Project, and my gratitude continues to run deep and wide.

Like Janus, I look back with one eye and ahead with the other – and while I could do without the sometimes overwhelming stress of the to do list that tucks me in bed every night and greets me every morning, I am delighted beyond description that so many people have been commemorated and so many people are being commemorated. And shoot, I actually kinda’ enjoy the problem solving.

I do feel compelled to say, though, that there might very well be some adjustments made as Operation: Reconstruct continues and new old information is discovered. So now, without further ado, let’s see what happened in The 70273 Project between April 2 and the last time we recapped together on 2/12/2017 . . .

TRAVEL (in chronological order)

  • Denver, CO
  • Cashiers, NC
  • Fayetteville, GA
  • Berea, KY
  • Findlay, OH
  • Lebanon, KY
  • Fayetteville, GA
  • Cashiers, NC
  • Amicalola Falls, GA
  • Cashiers, NC
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • Cashiers, NC
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • Denver, CO


  • babysitting
  • The Best Birthday Party EVAH- Thank you, Chloe Grice and members of The 70273 Project Tribe! I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was wonderful, marvelous, humbling, and very much appreciated.
  • the flu that laid me flat and would not end
  • spent many days and weeks moving our daughter
  • coughed our way into Berea, KY where we spent the night and had breakfast at Boone Tavern and Inn
  • enjoyed Findlay, Ohio, thanks to our personal guide, Tanya Weising-Pike, Director of Education at Blanchard Valley Center
  • delivered Quilt #5 to Blanchard Valley Center
  • met and fell in love with the wonderful teachers, parents, and staff at Blanchard Valley; the Mayor of Findlay; and Randy Roberts of The Findlay Courier who let me use his photo, saying “I’ve got to tell you: I am very impressed with the heart of this project.”
  • coughed our way back to Fayetteville, rested for a day, then enjoyed a day of making blocks with my Tiger Girls (women I graduated from high school with). I’m gonna’ introduce you in a blog post coming soon.
  • joined Peggy Thomas and Patty Guillick at The 70273 Project booth at Joyce Beverly’s Fayette Woman LIVE where many, many, many blocks were made. I can’t wait to tell you about it, and I will . . . in a blog post coming soon.
  • made blocks with the Friendship Circle at the Fayetteville First United Methodist Church. You guessed it – there’s a post coming soon to a blog near you.
  • spoke to The Writer’s High Retreat, kicking things off on Friday night, where I met some marvelously interesting  and interested folks.
  • answered the good questions of Elodie Redoulèz for an article she was writing about The 70273 Project for the Bailiwick Express in the Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.
  • closed this time period out the way it began: babysitting in Denver.


  • 6 quilt numbers to Katell Renon in France (73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78)


  • Kitty Sorgen (Quilt #31). It’s now being quilted by Janet Eidem.
  • Jackie Batman (Quilt #56)
  • Kellye Rose ( #62, #63, and #64)
  • Sharleen Jespersen (Quilt #103)
  • Sarah Jespersen Lauzon (Quilt #104)
  • Alejandrina Pattin (Quilt #105)
  • Sandy Martin and the Caribou Quilters (Quilt #65)


The 70273 Project Quilt 102, a Middling made by Debra Steinmann.

#102, a Middling created by Debra Steinmann (GA/USA) that’s now on display at Intown Quilters in Decatur, GA. I also designed materials for the shop to hand out. If you need me to design materials for you to give others, let me know. Once upon a life chapter, I was a freelance graphic designer. It’s something I enjoy doing.

The 70273 Project Quilt 138. Pieced by Kathleen Carfagno, Quilted by Jessica Skultey.

and the beautiful quilt top now known as Quilt #138 made by Kathleen K Carfagno (NJ/USA) and currently being quilted by Jessica Skultey (NJ/USA).


  • Beth Brennan (IL/USA)
  • Debra Woods (MO/USA)
  • Betty Jo Oliver (KY/USA)
  • Kayos Huff (aged 5, MO/USA)
  • Market Dwyer (MN/USA)
  • Celine Henries (France)
  • Jane Cunningham (New Zealand)
  • Peggy Lowrie (TX/USA)
  • Jane Riddell (GA/USA)
  • Jean Fischer (GA/USA)
  • Dianna Moore (GA/USA)
  • Linda King Smith (GA/USA)
  • Jeanne Hewell Chambers (GA,NC/USA)
  • Joan Dumas Hughey (GA/USA)
  • Elender Ballard (GA/USA)
  • Joan McKnight (Canada)
  • Faye Cook (AUS)
  • Kevin Thomas (GA/USA)
  • Olivia Ries (GA/USA)
  • Peggy Thomas (GA/USA)
  • Bisa Batten Lewis (GA/USA
  • Connie Fox (GA/USA)
  • FeFe Handy (GA/USA)
  • Nicole Simmons (GA/USA)
  • Nancy Jaworski (GA/USA)
  • Jennifer Harper (GA/USA)
  • Maggie Laton (GA/USA)
  • Jill Prouty (GA/USA)
  • Ellie White-Stevens (GA/USA)
  • Stephanie Washington (GA/USA)
  • Carla Wong McMillian (GA/USA)
  • Jamie Smith (GA/USA)
  • Carmen Johnson (GA/USA)
  • Diana M Lovell (GA/USA)
  • Julie Irby/Camryn Johnson (GA/USA)
  • Cathy Jackson (GA/USA)
  • Paulette Bass (GA/USA)
  • Kathy Bohannon (GA/USA)
  • Shelly Gable (GA/USA)
  • Delores Epps (GA/USA)
  • Jean Peck (GA/USA)
  • Jennifer Harper (GA/USA)
  • Elisa Marcus Price (GA/USA)
  • Melodie Parks (GA/USA)
  • Fairy L. Wortham (GA/USA)
  • Jackie Pope (GA/USA)
  • Carrie Franklin (WA/USA)
  • Melodie Parks (GA/USA)
  • Jackie Pope (GA/USA)
  • Loose Threads (MN.USA)
  • Deborah L. J. McKinnon and members of the Kingston/North Kitsap Rotary Club (WA/USA)
  • Wendy Caton Reed (ME/USA)
  • Diane Dresden (VA/USA)
  • Gail Georgia (ID/USA)
  • Polly Davis (USA)
  • Dottie Gray (GA/USA)
  • Bonnie Giglio (GA/USA)
  • Carly Burch (GA/USA)
  • Janet Baileys (GA/USA)
  • Charlotte McAdams (GA/USA)
  • Marilyn Harris (GA/USA)
  • Amanda (Nikki) Neal (GA/USA)
  • Tami Kemberling (GA/USA)
  • Susan Burch (GA/USA)
  • Roselyn Roberts (GA/USA)
  • Clara Martin (GA/USA)
  • Carolyn McKinley (GA/USA)
  • Alida Palmisano (MD/USA)
  • Brigid Martin (GA/USA)
  • Jean Foglein (Canada)
  • Marlies (Belgium)
  • Karlijn Lecluyse (Belgium)
  • the 99 commemorations in Quilt 102
  • the 62 commemorations in Quilt 138

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the block count as of 4/2/2017: 9099 (and growing)!

(Bear with me as I makeover the web site in the background of the reconstruction . . . which means that some things – oh, like the block counter chart, for example –  might not be where you remember them or where they’re supposed to be or where you will find them next week.)

Week 52 (2/6-12/2017) Recap

And here we are, 52 weeks . . . one year . . . after we started. What a year it has been and what a week it’s been. Without any planning or cajoling on my part, our week 52, my friends, turns out to be the grandmother of all weeks. That’s the way the entire project has gone since I first mashed the “publish” button on 2/14/2016 – an amazing series of astonishments. I’m still feeling behind (only because I am behind!), and we just roll along, keeping The 70273 Project free of stress and angst. Let’s tune into my journal and see what happened in week 52 of The 70273 Project . . .

One morning I walked and breakfasted with Peggy Thomas, who delivered blocks made by her sisters and herself.

Front row, L to R: Robyn Donaldson and moi. Back row, L to R: Lori Banks and Carol Lunsford

On 2/7, I gave a presentation about The 70273 Project to the Mu Chapter ofKappa Kappa Lambda State Kappa Kappa Iota in Fayetteville, GA. They were such a delightful group, and the members, along with one of the young guests, asked such thoughtful and pertinent questions, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On 2/8, after weeks of needlessly frustrating dealings with doctors’ office staffs, we finally got The Engineer in to let an orthopedic specialist in North Carolina have a look at his finger. Yep, it’s broken. Nope, there’s really nothing they can do.

Theresa and Paddington of itv do some stitching, too

On 2/10, Gisele Therezien was interviewed on itv about The 70273 Project, and the show hosts, Theresa and Paddington, even stitched up a block to commemorate.

Stitching up blocks in the Channel Islands, UK

On 2/11, there was another successful, well-attended stitch-in at St Peter’s Parish Hall in Jersey, Channel Islands UK organised by Kim Monins and Gisele Therezien . People of all ages came by to commemorate.

Carrie Cooper did an excellent interview on BBC Radio with Gisele about the project.  (Note: Once you’ve opened the link, slide on over to about 1:11:07 for to hear the interview.)

Les Amis and their blocks!

Kim Monins paid several visits to Les Amis in Saint Saviour, Jersey and enjoyed making blocks with her new friends. The motto of Les Amis is “Disability does not mean inability.” You know I love that, and I’m sure hoping that Kim will take me to visit Les Amis one day.

On our way out of town to catch a flight to spend time with Calder Ray, we stopped by the post office to mail these bundles::
Quilt 56 to Jackie Batman
Quilt  57 to Margaret Williams
Quilt 58 Margaret Williams
Quilt 59 Margaret Williams
Quilt 60: Margaret Williams
Quilt 61:Denniele Bohannen and Becky Collis
Quilt 62: Kellye Rose
Quilt 63: Kellye Rose
Quilt 64: Kellye Rose
Quilt 65: Kellye Rose
Quilt 66: Margaret Andrews
Quilt 67: Margaret Andrews
Quilt 68: Margaret Andrews
Quilt 69: Angie Abella
Quilt 70: Kris Phillips
More bundles and/or pieced tops will soon be winging their way to Kris Phillips, Kellye Rose, Sandy Martin, Debra Steinmann, and Georgeanne Hawley. And just so you know, there are more bundles where those came from, so if you’re willing to Piece and/or Quilt, please let me know and I’ll hook you right up.

I received word from Brenda Wartalski that Quilt #54 is nearing completion, so I’ll soon be sharing photos and info about that.

When I met Margaret Williams for lunch, she hand delivered the most captivating Middlings:

Quilt 47, Middling 1: 119 pairs of red X’s. Made by Margaret Williams. 17.75” x 21.5” (45.09 cm x 54.6 cm)

Quilt 48, Middling 2: 109 pairs of red X’s. Made by Margaret Williams.        22”  x 18” (56 cm x 46 cm)

Quilt 49, Middling 3: 83 pairs of red X’s. Made by Margaret Williams.          21” x 17” (53 cm x 43 cm)

Quilt 50, Middling 4: 59 pairs of red X’s. Made by Margaret Williams.       21.5” x 17.75” (65 cm x 45 cm)

Quilt 51, Middling 5: 74 pairs of red X’s. Made by Margaret Williams.           21” x 17.75” (53 cm x 45 cm)

Quilt 52, Middling 6: 110 pairs of red X’s. Made by Margaret Williams.        21” x 17” (53 cm x 43 cm)

And remember: for the Middlings, each pair of red X’s (as long as they’re presented as distinct pairs) counts as a block, these pairs will be added into this week’s block count.


Peggy Thomas (GA/USA)
Pat McGregor (MN/USA)
Linda Moore (TX/USA)
Laurie Nash Johnson (GA/USA)
Tonia Ronas Uram (NE/USA)
Barbara Wise (VA/USA)
Carol Soliday (IL/USS)
Diane Dresdner (VA/USA)
Brigitte Gudaer (Belgium)
Nyriam Nexnier (Belgium)
Marianne McCurrach (Belgkum)
Anne Visartoa Bocarne (Belgium)
Martens (Belgium)
Suzanne Baeken (Belgium)
Cooreman Francoise (Belgium)
Dominique Collet (Belgium)
Marie-Louise Hanique=Huylebroeck (Belgium)
Singlele Majo (Belgium)
Scailquin Sylviane (Belgium)
Debongnie harie-France (Belgium)
Quilt 47, Middling 1
Quilt 48, Middling 2
Quilt 49, Middling 3
Quilt 50, Middling 4
Quilt 51, Middling 5
Quilt 52, Middling 6
which brings out official block count to – are you ready for this –8431! Yes,  really. We’ve commemorated eight thousand four hundred and thirty-one people.

Thank y’all from the epicenter of my swelling heart for joining my Big, Fat, Crazy Idea called The 70273 Project, for embracing it with such tenderness and such tenacity. Thank you for being willing to use your needles to pierce the veil allowing consciousness and awareness. I am so very, very honored to stand seam to seam with y’all.

Week 51 (1/30-2/5/2017) Recap

Quilt #22. Blocks made by the middle school students of Catherine Smychych at Snowy Range Academy. Piecing, Quilting, and Finished by Catherine Smychych.

There was all kind of good news in Week 51 . . .

You guessed it – The Engineer and I were out of town on family business, but we did manage to get in three days atop our mountain in western NC.

My mother, class of 1945, was elected to the Fayette County High School Hall of Fame. I am so proud of her.

Good news from our Chantal Baquin: If you are going to l’ Aiguille en Fête ” in Paris, this week end, please stop at FRANCE PATCHWORK ‘ s booth and drop off your blocks ! Thank you very warmly, Catherine Bonte and France Patchwork to be our ” mailbox”.

There’s a new way to make quilts in town: Middlings were introduced. (And let me tell you, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal! If you haven’t started yours yet, I have to ask: What are you waiting for?)

Our monthly mixer for February was released, and this month – thanks to the efforts of Nancy Carroll – there’s a French version, too. If you’re fluent in English and another language and would be willing to translate the monthly prompts, please let me know. (Remember to tag me and use #the70273projectmonthlymixer when posting your photos.)

Quilt #55 assigned to Margaret Andrews!

Quilt #22 from Catherine Symchych and her middle school students at Snowy Range Academy landed in my arms, and she is a real beaut. Catherine and I took photos, and I’ll share those with you real soon. At one point, Catherine thought they were finished with the quilt, but her students weren’t satisfied, so they sat down to make more blocks, winding up with a total of 129 blocks! Thank you Catherine and Middle Schoolers!

Other blocks received were from:
Diane Dresdner (VA/USA)
Pat McGregor (MN/USA)
Linda Moore TX/USA:
Catherine Symchych
Betty Czerwinski (NJ/USA)
Carol Esch (NJ/USA)
Cheryl Kopeck (NC/USA)
Danny Wood (NY/USA)
Joan Katz (CT/USA)
Kellye Rose (MN/USA)
blocks in Quilt 22
bringing our block total to . . . 7652! Isn’t that wonderful? Y’all keep sewing, and we’ll keep growing.

Come on back around in a few hours for our final block count update of the day as we celebrate our first anniversary, giving us the current total of how many blocks have been made in our first year. I’ll be here waiting for you.

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And here’s a short link you can copy and paste here ‘n there as you’d like to share this post: http://wp.me/pwW64-2Bs

Week 50 (1/23-29/2017) Recap

Blocks were made in Harrisonville, MO!

Week 50 found The Engineer and me on the road again, back down in GA tending to family business, but that didn’t keep us away from The 70273 Project. Have project, will travel, y’all. Here are a few highlights of week 50 . . .

I developed a new, revised, streamlined quilt reporting system for those working on blocks and turning them into  quilts. I’ll tell you all about it in a blog post real soon (and correct the affected blog posts) in case you’d like to make a group quilt.

L to R: The Engineer, Danny Tate, Bobby Tate

My mother went all-out and hosted a Hewell Family Block-Making Party and Dinner. There was much laughing, stitching, and eating. I’m gonna’ get y’all her recipe for Apple Dumplings. You’re gonna’ love me for that.

Making blocks in Harrisonville, Missouri!

On January 25, 2017,  Denniele Bohannon of Louanna Quilt Design hosted a block-making stitch-in in Harrisonville, Missouri, and there were enough blocks made for Lori East to make two quilts. Thank you, Denniele, Lori, and Missouri! Y’all stay tuned for an illustrated recap about that day soon.

January 27 was not only the 44th anniversary of the day I met The Engineer, it was Holocaust Remembrance Day around the world, and Christine Fitzgerald, Margaret Jackson, Mary Tucker, and other members of The Coxhoe Quilters were out in force, sharing news of The 70273 Project and providing people with information and materials for making blocks. Christine Fitzgerald wrote a poignant piece about some of the children who stopped by Durham Cathedral to hear of The 70273 Project and make blocks.

These creatively generous people sent blocks:
Margaret Williams (GA/USA)
Leni Fleming (CA/USA)
Andy (NC/USA)
Ada (GA/USA)
Jeanne Hewell-Chambers: (NC/USA)
Alison Chambers (GA/USA)
Robin Hewell (GA/USA)
Jerry Hewell (GA/USA)
Robert Hewell Tate (GA/USA)
Ashley Sherman (GA/USA)
C. D. Tate (GA/USA)
Mary Hewell Tate (GA/USA)
bringing our new block count to . . . 7383! Isn’t this wonderful, y’all? I’m so ticked and grateful.

Now remember to check back in about 3 hours for the next updated block count as we celebrate the first anniversary of The 70273 Project. I’ll see you then.

In the meantime, maybe you want to bring yourself up to speed by going:
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Week 49 (1/16-22/2017) Recap

The Engineer and The Artist enjoy some pretty spectacular trees . . .

. . . and some inviting doors in Savannah, GA

While The Engineer and I were in Georgia, things continued with The 70273 Project all around the world. Here are a  few highlights of week 49  . . .

The Provenance Form was tweaked and uploaded it throughout the site when I was alerted to a broken link.

I proofed, formatted, and returned the good Teacher’s Packet created by Margaret Jackson. I’ll tell you more about it and make it available to you in an upcoming blog post. Not today, though.

I submitted an article to two magazines: one in Europe and one in the US. Cross your fingers.

In preparation for creating quilt labels, The Engineer and I took photos of quilts received.

Liberate, the Channel Islands’ equality and diversity charity, published a blog post about The 70273 Project. Thank you for your support and encouragement, Liberate!

The Mail Bag, Week 49

Katell Renon presented Quilt 30 from the Ladies in Ariège France, Pieced and Quilted by Kristine from Colomiers, to The 70273 Project.

Margaret Jackson presented Quilt 33 made by members ofThe Coxhoe Quilters – Ann Hewitt, Margaret Jackson, Dawn Kirk Walton, Karen Mitchell, Norma Corner, Christine Fitzgerald, Patricia Harvey, Lesley Shell, Janice Tilbury, and four Anonymous Makers.

A trip to the post office found blocks from these Makers:
Kellye Rose (MN/USA)
Elsie Jane Phillips (QLD/AUS)
and if you add those to the blocks in Quilt 30 and Quilt 33, you’ll see that our block count total rises to . . . 7341!

And we’re not done yet, y’all. Check back in 2-3 hours for the next update and watch that block count grow as we celebrate our first year anniversary here at The 70273 Project.

It’s a multiple post day here at The 70273 Project HEARTquarters, so you might want to start here and follow the post crumbs:
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Then go here for week 48
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Week 48 (1/9-15/2017) Recap

Block 7000 made by Diane Dresdner, 3.5″x 6.5″ = 9 cm x 16.5 cm

Week 48 was a full week that found many people making blocks while I was out of town moving our daughter. I did, however, still manage to get a few things done for and with The 70273 Project . . .

I made a presentation to my cousin’s Methodist Women’s group in Thomaston, Georgia, and I received invitations to do several other presentations in the near future. I’ll tell you more later.

I created two versions of a one-sheet handout for use at exhibits, programs, etc. that explains a little more about The 70273 Project.

I amended information on making quilts information, and updated links, and developed a new block tagging system that goes yet a little bit faster.

Wings of The 70273 (a small piece I made especially for the SAQA Trunk Show made from parts of a toddler boy’s shirt and a toddler girl’s party dress)) was received and sent on tour for three years.

For the first time, The Engineer came out of the post office with the mail in one of those big ole’ sturdy this-is-gonna’-take-two-hands-and-you-better-return-this-to-the-post-office-or-else boxes! Filling the box were blocks from:

Rosalie Roberts (ID/USA)
Kath O’Donnell (Camperdown AUS)
Hannah Holloway and her mom, Laura Wolverton: (IN/USA)
Isabella Holloway and her mom, Laura Wolverton: (IN/USA)
Laura Wolverton: (IN/USA)
Pat LaPierre (ME/USA)
Elender Ballard Akin (GA/USA)
Sharleen Jesperson (FL/USA)
Katie Smith (GA/USA))
Anonymous (GA/USA)
Frances Watson (GA/USA))
Emily Davison (GA/USA)
Gene Johnson (GA/USA)
Anonymous (GA/USA)
Becky Watts (GA/USA)
Glenda Stevens (GA/USA)
Anonymous (GA/USA)
Anonymous (GA/USA)
Anonymous (GA/USA)
Diane Dresdner (VA/USA)
Linda Smith (AZ/USA)
Linda Smith & Tari Vickery (AZ and CA/USA)

bringing out total block count to . . . 7084! Congratulations, y’all. One tenth of the people we commemorate have been, well, commemorated.


Check back in a couple of hours for the next updated block count update on this, our first anniversary.
And if you lose your way, here are links to today’s other posts:
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Week 46 & 47 in Review (Dec. 26, 2016-Jan. 8, 2017)

WEEK 46 (12/26/2016 to 1/1/2017)

I hope your holidays were as full of camaraderie and love as mine were.  We dropped everyone off at their respective homes on 12/28/2016, and we moved in with our daughter to help her move. I haven’t been home since, working instead from this makeshift studio. in her dining room. Though the clutter drives me up the wall, I have to say that I am finding it quite easy to make like a turtle and create here, there, or anywhere.

Also in week 46, I revealed the first The 70273 Project Monthly Mixer, daily photo prompts to help drop you into the moment at least once a day. It’s never too late to jump in, and I don’t take roll, so join us if you will, by posting your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media outlet, using #the70273projectmonthlymixer so we can find you. The February Monthly Mixer will be out soon, and good news: Chloe Grice suggested I ask Nancy Carroll to translate the monthly mixers into French, and Nancy has graciously agreed.

Week 46 was marked with planning – lots and lots and lots of planning – which is synonymous with playing for me. I do love to plan and organize, let me tell you, and 2017 promises to be a year of great enjoyment, camaraderie, and commemoration in ways you might never have imagined, so subscribe or join or follow ’cause trust me – there are some things coming up that you won’t want to miss.

Our trip to the post office on our way out of town found a box filled with blocks from Patsi Brletich  of Friday Harbor, WA, USA which brings out block count to . . . 6845! We are getting so close to having 10% of our blocks, y’all, then we’ll reach for 25% then 50% then 75% then 100%, so please keep stitching the commemorations and help get us to the finish line by the end of October 2017 cause we do not want to take longer to love these folks than it took the Nazis to murder them.


WEEK 47 (1/2/2017 to 1/8/2017)

There’s no block count update because I’ve been out of town plus bad weather would’ve prevented trips to the post office anyway, but there was still much percolating during week 47 of The 70273 Project. One of the biggest things accomplished is that I added a resource page filled with information that’s always available for our current and future P’s and Q’s (Piecers and Quilters). If you’re interested in piecing a top or quilting a quilt or both, please let me know.

The Engineer arrived today with so many packages of blocks for week 48 that the post office gave him one of those wonderful boxes to use to get it all home! Look for the Week 48 update in a day or two when I’ve had a chance to open and count.

I’m also in the throes of rearranging the furniture here on the blog, moving some things around so you won’t trip over the furniture, whether you stumble through with a shade on your head or stone cold sober.


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