The Engineer and The Artist enjoy some pretty spectacular trees . . .

. . . and some inviting doors in Savannah, GA

While The Engineer and I were in Georgia, things continued with The 70273 Project all around the world. Here are a  few highlights of week 49  . . .

The Provenance Form was tweaked and uploaded it throughout the site when I was alerted to a broken link.

I proofed, formatted, and returned the good Teacher’s Packet created by Margaret Jackson. I’ll tell you more about it and make it available to you in an upcoming blog post. Not today, though.

I submitted an article to two magazines: one in Europe and one in the US. Cross your fingers.

In preparation for creating quilt labels, The Engineer and I took photos of quilts received.

Liberate, the Channel Islands’ equality and diversity charity, published a blog post about The 70273 Project. Thank you for your support and encouragement, Liberate!

The Mail Bag, Week 49

Katell Renon presented Quilt 30 from the Ladies in Ariège France, Pieced and Quilted by Kristine from Colomiers, to The 70273 Project.

Margaret Jackson presented Quilt 33 made by members ofThe Coxhoe Quilters – Ann Hewitt, Margaret Jackson, Dawn Kirk Walton, Karen Mitchell, Norma Corner, Christine Fitzgerald, Patricia Harvey, Lesley Shell, Janice Tilbury, and four Anonymous Makers.

A trip to the post office found blocks from these Makers:
Kellye Rose (MN/USA)
Elsie Jane Phillips (QLD/AUS)
and if you add those to the blocks in Quilt 30 and Quilt 33, you’ll see that our block count total rises to . . . 7341!

And we’re not done yet, y’all. Check back in 2-3 hours for the next update and watch that block count grow as we celebrate our first year anniversary here at The 70273 Project.

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