Woman standing in front of a quilt made of pairs of red X's on a white background

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, German Ambassador for The 70273 Project Uta Lenk made her way to Dachau where the local quilting group displayed the seven quilts they made for The 70273 Project commemorating over 200 people. The quilts – quilted by Renate Poignee, Heike Rosenbaum and Uta –  were deliberately made in memory of the people who were taken out and murdered in the years of the T4 program of the National Socialists from the Franciscan Schönbrunn.

women stand in front of 3 quilts made with pairs of red X's on a white background

women admire quilts made of pairs of red X's on a white background

“It was interesting to hear from the members of the group how much the participation in this memorial moved people,” writes Uta on her blog  “That was similar to me, if I had the blocks on the stand sewed, there is still a lot in Germany that has not been addressed sufficiently,” . (Translation provided by Google Translate.)

two nuns and two other women chat about the quilts made for The 70273 Project

A  nun in attendance is head of the institution from which 207 people were taken during the reign of Aktion T4.

four quilts of The 70273 Project made in Dachau, Germany. White quilts covered with pairs of red X's.

In the next few weeks, the finished quilts can be viewed in the classroom of arttextil in Dachau, where they will hang over several weeks before coming to the United States (HeartQuarters of The 70273 Project) by fall of 2018 to join and be exhibited with the other quilts of The 70273 Project.

Many thanks to Uta for the countless hours she devotes to making the world a better place. I’m so grateful The 70273 Project is on her list of worthwhile projects. And thanks to all who made blocks; to Renate, Heike, and Uta for quilting these beautiful commemorations; and to all the other folks in Germany (and beyond) who vow to help commemorate every single one of the 70,273 people who deserved to live.