hands stitching a second red x onto a white piece of fabric

After receiving blocks and quilts from these good people:
Sharleen Jespersen (US)
Nancy A. Erisman (US)
R. Jeffrey Miller (US)
Frederick J. Seitz III (US)
Gabrielle Stephenson (US)
Chester Austin (US)
Alyssa Wilson (US)
Anna M Courier (US)
Michael Williams (US)
Barbara Douglas (US)
Sandra Engstrand (US)
Patti Brletich (US)
Patty Ericsson (US)
Lori Inkel (US)
Helen McPherson (US)
Joyce Thordson (US)
Penny Carpenter (US)
Sheryl Koeur (US)
Karen Dormois (US)
Gayle Jonston (US)
Jeanie Jinkel (US)
Annette Meyers (US)
Laurie Dunn (US)
Mary Vanhecke (US)

Quilt #524 (a Middling)
Laurie Dunn (US)

Quilt #553 (a Long Skinny)
Bev Haring (US)

Quilt #555 (a Middling)
Jeanne Hewell-Chambers

Quilt #558 (a Middling)
Jenny Hicks (UK)

Quilt #559 (a Mini)
Kim Monins (UK)

Quilt #560 (a Mini)
Kitty Sorgen (US)

Quilt #561 (a Mini)
Pam Patterson (US)

Quilt #562 (a Mini)
Pam Patterson (US)

Quilt #563 (a Mini)
Pam Patterson (US)

Quilt #576
with blocks made by:
Linda Hurl (Spain)
Linda Lewis (Spain)
Dee Stephenson (Spain)
Susan Westcott (Spain)
Rita Bowler (Spain)
Jenn Seaborne (Spain)
Debbie Moore (Spain)
Christine Laycock (Spain)
Christine Furnurge (Spain)
Linda Garett (Spain)
Veronica Conway-Smith (Spain)
Sally Ann Cox (Spain)
Barbara Oldham (Spain)
Jan Strange (Spain)

Quilt #577
with blocks made by members of the GT Quilters
(who heard of The 70273 Project from my interview with Sylvia Priest on UKQU):
Ivy Barkhouse (England)
Lynn Banks (UK)
Donna Sales (UK)
Sylvia Priest (England)
Madeleine Stocks (UK)
Dee Ball (England)
Lucy Durston-Birk (UK)
Kay Radford (Australia)
Sheila Chapman (UK)
Amy Watson, leader of GT Quilters (UK)

the number of people we have commemorated is now 39,742.

Though there will be more long-overdue updates in the next few days, we still have more to commemorate, so please keep stitching and sending. And please always remember how grateful I am to have each of you walk beside me on this path.


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