Today, a letter from Linda Heron, an Ambassador for The 70273 Project . . .

Hi Jeanne,

This was hanging in my new doctor’s office.
It was dedicated to Tracy Latimer, a severely disabled 12 year old who was “mercy killed” by her father . After an extremely long  trial that went to the Supreme Court in Canada, he was sentenced to 7 years for second  degree murder.
It seems a bit long for the 70,273 facebook page but I thought you should see it.
Also there’s a wonderful video on youtube.
Thanks for all  you do,
Linda Heron
Toronto Canada


Do Not see my disability as the problem.
Recognize that my disability is an attribute.

Do Not see my disability as a deficit.
It is you who see me as a deviant and helpless.

Do Not try to fix me because I am not broken.
Support me. I can make my contribution to the
community in my way.

Do Not see me as your client.
I am your fellow citizen.
See me as your neighbour.
Remember, none of us can be self-sufficient.

Do Not try to modify my behaviour.
Be still & listen.
What you define as inappropriate
may be my attempt to communicate with you
in the only way I can.

Do Not try to change me, you have no right.
Help me learn what I want to know.

Do Not hide your uncertainty behind “professional” distance.
Be a person who listens, and does not take my
Struggle away from me by trying to make it all better.

Do Not use theories and strategies on me.
Be with me.
And when we struggle with each other,
let that give rise to self-reflection.

Do Not try to control me.
I have a right to my power as a person.
What you call non-compliance or manipulation may
actually be the only way I can exert some control over my life.

Do Not teach me to be obedient, submissive, and polite.
I need to feel entitled to say No if I am to protect myself.

Do Not be charitable towards me.
The last thing the world needs is another Jerry Lewis.
Be my ally against those who exploit me for their own gratification.

Do Not try to be my friend. I deserve more than that.
Get to know me. We may become friends.

Do Not help me, even if it does make you feel good.
Ask me if I need your help.
Let me show you how you can best assist me.

Do Not admire me.
A desire to live a full life does not warrant adoration.
Respect me, for respect presumes equity.

Do Not tell, correct and lead.
Listen, Support, and Follow.

Do Not work on me.
Work with me.

Norman Kunc and Emma Vander Klift


Thank you, Linda, for sending this, for making blocks and quilts, and for all you do to help move us to a time when talk not of disabilities or special needs or developmentally delayed, but simply of people.


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