Laurie Dunn’s dad, a World War II veteran


And Laurie Dunn’s grandsons

It’s the first day of November, so you know what that means: time for a new Adventure for The 70273 Project. In September and October, we collaborated – you and me. October and November are devoted to Making Blocks with Your Siblings. What say we devote November and December to putting the men in our lives on the MENu to make blocks? And now seems a good time to MENtion that “men” can be any age males – sons, grandsons, uncles, spouses, partners, friends, dads, granddads, coworkers – you get the idea.


The Engineer


My son, Kipp, makes a block.

Shoot, I might even put blocks, red fabric, thread, and Provenance Forms in her hand and suggest that my daughter use this as a way to meet potential life mates (not that she needs further enchantMENts.) Can you imagine the allureMENts (a.k.a. pickup lines) . . .

“What sign (of block) are you?”
“Hey Good Looking, I bet we could make beautiful blocks together.”
“You knock my blocks off.”
“If you’ve got one X, I’ve got the other.”
“I’d like to get to first block with you.”

I mean, the possibilities are endless and who knows, this could ceMENt the deal.

Okay, I’ll MENd my ways and stop now (you’re welcome).


Thomas Eastin, one of my Other Sons


SteveJankousky who saw a tweet sent out by my son, Kipp, and made his blocks straight away.

MANy men have already made blocks . . . will they make more just to go in the Men of The 70273 quilts? I sure hope so.


Scott Griffin made an entire quilt from his blocks

Making blocks is no MENial thing, you know. Same measureMENts, same guidelines, same Provenance Form apply (just be sure to MENtion that these blocks are for The Men of the 70273 in the space set aside on the Provenance Form for “Adventure”.)


Danny Tate, my cousin who’s lucky in love. He married Mary, my cousin.

After docuMENting (a.k.a. cataloguing) these blocks per usual, I will set them aside so that we can make quilts (Yes, plural: quilts. Can I get a little aMENability for my optimism?)


My brother, Jerry (I call him J3)

So let’s stitch on into November, MENtoring the guys if needed, offering cajoleMENts and compliMENts, comMENting on the MENtal effort they put into the effort, and reminding them ’tis a comMENdable thing we’re doing here, comMENorating the 70273 people who were murdered, an effort seeped in awsoMENess. And hey, your assignMENt includes sending photos.


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