Shopping just got more rewarding for you and for us . . .

SAME PRODUCTS, SAME PRICES, SAME SHOPPING EXPERIENCE but with an extra bonus–you can earn money for The 70273 Project every time you shop and at no extra cost to you.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3:

1.  Go to

2.  Make sure that “The 70273 Project, Inc” is designated as the charity of your choice. (You only have to select us once, and it’s saved for future purchases).  Double check by looking to see that our name appears after “Supporting” under the search box. If you don’t see it there, go to the upper righthand corner of the screen, three options to the left of the shopping cart and click on  “Your Account”. Scroll down and click on Your AmazonSmile. To the right of the AmazonSmile impact screen, you’ll see Your Current Charity. If The 70273 Project, Inc. is already there, thank you. If it doesn’t appear there, click the Change Your Charity button and enter The 70273 Project, Inc. in the search box. (Important note: When you enter “The 70273 Project, Inc.”, the word “The” will not appear, just 70273 Project, Inc. That’s still us.)  Agree that (The) 70273 Project, Inc. is your charity of choice, then, if you’re a mind to, avail yourself of the social media buttons to encourage others to support The 70273 Project, Inc., too.

3.  With that done, you’re all set to shop to your heart’s content. Just remember to always go to instead of the usual (See that image at the top of this post? Tonight I’ll put it in the sidebar with a link to remind you.) You don’t have to create a new login, your existing id and password will work just fine. And remember: it doesn’t cost you a penny more to donate to The 70273 Project.

Now make your list and check it twice. Go on now, scoot.