This week . . .

I created birthday cards you can download, print, and send to others letting them know about The 70273 Project and encouraging them to get involved by giving you gifts you don’t have to dust: blocks and/or bucks and added a link to The 70273 Project Directory in the sidebar for easy reference.



The 70273 Project was profiled on page 11 in the Winter 2016/2017 issue of International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene magazine. If you want one for your scrapbook (and you know you do), you can purchase paper copies in magazine racks near you or online, and go here to purchase a digital copy. And, that’s not all: on the back cover is none other than our Frances Holliday Alford!

As of today, I’ve heard from folks in 98 countries.


While I was (still) tending to my daughter’s concussion, folks around the world were stitching. Thanks to the generous creativity of . . .
Ariette Dupin (France)
Chloe Grice (France)
Christine Guillemer (France)
Jacqueline Riviere (France)
Monique Bonnet (France)
Karen Minty (Channel Islands, UK)
Kim Monins (Channel Islands, UK)
Karen Scott (Channel Islands, UK)
Liz Webb (Channel Islands, UK)
Rosalie Hollis (Channel Islands, UK)
Elaine Ericsson (Canada)
Linda Dumanowski (CA, USA)
Trena Johnson (MN, USA)
Anonymous Maker (FL, USA)
Members of La Feville, D’Erable quilting group (France)
Martine Bronca
Kathleen Reck (Australia)
Patricia Gaska (WI, USA)
Susan Utech (WI, USA)
Karen Hereford and other staffers at Holy Spirit College (Australia)
Nancy Weinmeister (GA, USA)
Ada Hewell (GA, USA)
Helen Voyles (GA, USA)
Thomasina Miller (GA, USA)
. . . we now have 5294 blocks!

Please keep stitching, sending, and sharing, y’all.


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