how can i love you better? (day 22)


despite my loud and plentiful protestations,
she held my hand
and dragged me into
in the moon-lit ocean
at the bewitching hour
of 3 a.m.
standing knee-deep
in the frothy waters,
the red flag
warning us of riptides
that just might
pull us under
and tumble us into a
place we’ve never been before.

we talked in
mirrored likeness
of the waves
that broke on top of each other
and crossed at angles to each other
i was no longer her mother
she was no longer my daughter,
until we were, instead, simply
two women
who cherish,
and console
each other,
alone on the beach,
holding hands while
standing knee-deep in the ocean
basking in the moonlight
magic of this
wondrously beautiful moment.

(this is what my daughter and i did last night while my mother/her grandmother slept.)


  1. Lisawagner1998

    All of you are so very blessed to have each other.

  2. angela

    Beautiful, Jeanne: “we talked in mirrored likeness of the waves.”

  3. Square-Peg Karen

    OH! Gasp – this is beautiful!!

  4. Sally G.

    My heart now yearns for such a moment with my own two girls.

    How powerful it will be if you get to a place where all 3 generations can feel the sacred wonder of this moment you 2 shared – together.

  5. Anonymous

    Sigh. Sob. Sigh again.

  6. Emlymom

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful moment with us, particularly in such a fashion.

  7. Mrsmediocrity

    well, once again, you rule.

  8. Krista Maurer

    wow. i love this. such a beautiful image. thank you.

    and thanks a million for your tips on how to get the most out of reverb10. i’m so enjoying this experience and am so grateful to have found your writing through this new community i adore so much. if you ever want to stop by, i’m at and @kristaqm.

    have a wonderful saturday.

    much love,

  9. Dayna

    That just gave me chills. So beautiful!
    And thanks for the practical #reverb10 advice. Cleared away some of the fuzz for me.

  10. Bria


  11. abbeyviolet

    This post is truly fabulous — a great capturing of the mother/daughter moment. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Jean Burman

    Hello Jeanne… new here… but just wanted to say HI… I hear you and I know what you mean. Beautiful chosen words flowing gently in and out like the ebb tide and shining mirrored images of the both of you out into the world. Bravo. NOW I’m inspired! [grin]

    • whollyjeanne

      oh thank you for your kind note, jean. you’ve made me smile and sigh at the end of a frenzied day. what a gift you bring.

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