An Adventure for October 2016: Collaborate with Your Sibs

Jerry1My brother, Jerry. Or J3, as I call him.
It helps Mother tell us apart.

Last month we started a monthly adventure or theme, and we kicked our adventures off with Collaborate with Jeanne. If you missed it, don’t worry: there’s still time for you to send me up to 50 blocks.

Now for October, let’s collaborate again . . . this time with our siblings.

You – anybody who wants to participate (and you need never have made a block for The 70273 Project before now. This can be how you become part of The 70273 Project tribe.) – and Your Siblings. Yes, the very ones who crossed over into your space in the backseat. Yes, the very ones who touched your stuff without permission. Yes, the very ones who got away with everything. Those siblings.

You’ll stitch a duet . . . create blocks together . . . share. These blocks will go into their own quilt(s), and the quilt label will reflect both siblings’ names.

October 1 – November 30, 2016. Roughly.

You cut out a base in the one of the three sizes, lay down one red X in the technique of your choice, complete and sign a Provenance Form.  (Important note: Be sure to note on your P Form that these blocks are part of the Siblings Adventure.) Once that’s done, deliver the partially-finished blocks to your sibling and get them to stitch down the second X, complete and sign a Provenance Form of their own, then mail everything to me.  And maybe, if you’re feeling nice, you’ll include an envelope already addressed to me. (Yeah, you can let them pay the postage. It’s about time they pulled their own weight.)

Make as many blocks as you want with each and every one of your siblings – biological, chosen, or otherwise. The more blocks made, the more people commemorated.

And there you have it – our second Adventure in The 70273 Project. Questions? Ask me here in the comments, send me an email (see envelope icon in upper right-hand sidebar), send me a message on Facebook, post in the English Facebook group or the French Facebook group, or post on the Facebook page.

Now y’all be nice.

And no, we’re not there yet.

Don’t make me pull his car over.



  1. Nancy Carroll

    oh, Jeanne, you bring back such memories. When we got too rowdy in the backseat, my Dad would just reach back and swat whoever was closest. He was 6 ft tall and had a long reach and his reasoning was that we were all up to no good back there and if he accidentally got an innocent bystander the others would learn a lesson and behave…. We were four squished in that small backseat, so getting somebody was likely … that was also before seatbelts… I remember on one long trip waking up on the floor with the door handle in my back — the other rats had just pushed me off the seat after I fell asleep, so they’d have more room…

    • whollyjeanne

      Oh thank you, Nancy. I was hoping this would enkindle some good memories and that I’d hear the stories! “The other rats pushed me off the seat.” LOL.

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