A New Skill: Meme Making


and, for my French friends . . .


Merci beaucoup to Katell Renon, Chloe Grice, and Cecile Denis for their patience and assistance in translating this.


  1. Kitty Sorgen

    I love that Jeanne!

  2. Nancy Carroll

    your idea is awesome Jeanne — Memes seem to be the way to contact the younger generation

  3. Nancy Carroll

    Your french is close, Jeanne. Congratulations. There are a couple of typos (par(F)ait not (D) and the I is missing in merve(I)lleux and a slight verb change — I tried Google translate, which is not always great, and got this for the French meme:

    Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être parfait pour être merveilleux. (roughly: you don’t need to be…)

    Hope this helps <3

    • Chloe

      And my add to this would be that the second ‘être’ could also be a ‘d’être’, removing the ‘pour’ altogether. xx

  4. Lana Phillips

    That’s absolutely brilliant!

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