What a week it’s been, y’all! There’s so much goodness going on in The 70273 Project. Here are the highlights . . .

There’s a new way to support The 70273 Project: shopping on smile.amazon.com. You can read all about it here.

There’s a new page here on the blog of news in French for people who speak French. Of course there’s a translate button in the sidebar here, but I thought it might be nice to give them the important and basic information in their own language.

Several new links have been added to the Clarion page . . . which means people are writing blog posts about The 70273 Project . . . which gets the word out even faster. Thank you.

Kim Monins and Gisele Therezien, have enjoyed quite a full week in the Channel Islands, UK! They were interviewed on the BBC radio there, held a drop-in-and-stitch-a-block day, and there was a newspaper article about the stitch event and The 70273 Project. If you know of radio or tv stations, newspapers, or magazines where we might submit info about The 70273 Project, please let me know and let’s make a plan.


Jersey Evening Post 04 Nov 16

The 70273 Project was featured in an article in the Jersey Evening Post.

I learned a new, marketable (or not) skill: making memes. (I understand I still need to tweak the French version just a little.)

We started a new Adventure: The Men of The 70273, so ask the men in your life (any age) to make a block (or several) for The 70273 Project. Be sure to note that these are for The Men of The 70273 Adventure so I’ll hold them in a special place so they can wind up in their special quilts.

And there’s still time to collaborate with your siblings – that Adventure runs through the end of November.

Elves came to call this week when Betty Hedrick brought a friend to help me with The 70273 Project things. Like scanning, for example. And other things. Thank you, Betty and Friend!

I’ve now heard from people in 100 different countries! Isn’t that marvelous?


And wait. There’s more marvelous . . .

Thanks to the generous creativity and deep compassion of:
Dominique Poulard (France)
Françoise Rouppert (France)
Marie Claude Planes (France)
Marie Ange Marchenay (France)
Nadine Meyssonnier (France)
Betty Hedrick (WA, USA)
Gerrie Congdon (OR, USA)
Pam Patterson (TX, USA)
Rosalie Roberts (ID, USA)
Anonymous Maker (FL, USA)
Joanne Anderson (Channel Islands, UK)
Kim Monins (Channel Islands, UK)
Gisele Therezien (Channel Islands, UK)
Charlie McArdle (Channel Islands, UK)
Lucy Baker (Channel Islands, UK)
Betty Bullock (Channel Islands, UK)
Cindy Mulliner (Channel Islands, UK)
Helen Miles (Channel Islands, UK)
Jo Mulliner (Channel Islands, UK)
Julie Long (Channel Islands, UK)
Laura Ferdinando (Channel Islands, UK)
Sarah Raper (Channel Islands, UK)
Sheila Sykes (Channel Islands, UK)
Doreen Drever (Channel Islands, UK)
Kerry Jane Warner (Channel Islands, UK)
Joyce Du Feu (Channel Islands, UK)
Anne Hill (Channel Islands, UK)
Janet Averty (Channel Islands, UK)
Lucy Baker (Channel Islands, UK)
Members of a Susan Kistler’s Family at their Family Dinner:
Susan Kistler (IN, USA)
Cylis and Liam Kistler (IN, USA)
Ashley Homburg (IN, USA)
Violet Montgomery (IN, USA)
Jessica Justice (IN, USA)
Betty Urick (IN, USA)
Patsy Kistler (IN, USA)
Eli Kistler (IN, USA)
Teresa Montgomery (IN, USA)
Olivia Fisher (IN, USA)
Faye Cooke (AUS)
Elizabeth (Libby) Cook (AUS)
Members of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association:
Gayle Visher (CA, USA)
Mel Beach (CA, USA)
Cheryl Thompson (CA, USA)
Jacque Christensen (CA, USA)
Susan Bianchi (CA, USA)
3 Anonymous Makers (CA, USA)

our block count now stands at . . . are you ready . . . 5568!

However you’re supporting The 70273 Project, I thank you for helping commemorate the 70273 souls who might otherwise be forgotten. Till next week . . .