yesterday was . . .

the High Line in the former meatpacking district (where fast-moving freight trains once moved perilously close to pedestrians) and where we were treated to interesting preserved remnants like this:


and scenery like this:


the Chelsea Market . . .


where we stumbled (which is about the only way to move forward cause there were SO many people) into an exhibit of hand made items, like this bicycle:


and this bicycle (why yes, that is bamboo):


and this rather odd (yet strangely intriguing) collaborative thing that included a human vertebrae:


Yesterday was The Skyline and all sorts of architecture that just sorta’ puts you in your place:







and the Clement Clarke Moore Park on the campus where Stacy attended Seminary:


and stoops (New York’s first cousin to the front porches of The South) that invited us to come sit a spell:



There were rides on the subway in buses and in taxis . . . but not on any farm equipment like the front-end loader that passed us as we walked along Madison Avenue:


And then we came home to Annie (who had her legs crossed cause it takes a mighty long time for people to see so much):


It was another gloriously good day.

But you knew that.


  1. Linda K Sienkiewicz

    Love the sky scrapers! Architecture5 is very cool.

    • whollyjeanne

      i ‘specially liked that shot, too.

  2. Sarah

    welcome to a little piece of part of the world in which i circulate above and below ground! building textures, soaring skies, reflections in windows, and always the earth beneath your feet. glad you’re having fun in NYC!

    • whollyjeanne

      wait – you live here in nyc? i knew you were in ny, but not in nyc. please don’t tell me i’ve been this close and not been able to hug you . . .

      • Sarah

        well, after thinking about not telling you (since you asked me please not to) i decided to tell you. yes. i am in nyc – brooklyn actually, at least part of the time when i am not in upstate new york on the northern edges of the catskills.

        so. now i’ve told you. besides you had a whole lot to do when you were here.

        • whollyjeanne

          well, i thought so. thanks for letting me know i was right. and lookahere: next time i visit my cousin, i’m adding See Sarah to the list of things i want to do while i’m there. my soul is spying at the thought.

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