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yesterday was . . .

the High Line in the former meatpacking district (where fast-moving freight trains once moved perilously close to pedestrians) and where we were treated to interesting preserved remnants like this:


and scenery like this:


the Chelsea Market . . .


where we stumbled (which is about the only way to move forward cause there were SO many people) into an exhibit of hand made items, like this bicycle:


and this bicycle (why yes, that is bamboo):


and this rather odd (yet strangely intriguing) collaborative thing that included a human vertebrae:


Yesterday was The Skyline and all sorts of architecture that just sorta’ puts you in your place:







and the Clement Clarke Moore Park on the campus where Stacy attended Seminary:


and stoops (New York’s first cousin to the front porches of The South) that invited us to come sit a spell:



There were rides on the subway in buses and in taxis . . . but not on any farm equipment like the front-end loader that passed us as we walked along Madison Avenue:


And then we came home to Annie (who had her legs crossed cause it takes a mighty long time for people to see so much):


It was another gloriously good day.

But you knew that.

Here’s the Church and Here’s the Steeple, Open the Doors and . . .

The Short Version:

  • New York is fun.
  • And beautiful.
  • And a bit wacky.

The Longer (Illustrated) Version:
I am in New York City visiting my cousin Stacy and my other cousin (and his wife), Ginger. Being here in their beautiful 3-bedroom apartment on the Episcopal compound (don’t know the official name since I’m not exactly fluent in Episcopal) is like being in the magical world of Hogwart’s . . .





Yesterday I spent some time roaming the Cathedral of St. John the Divine where I saw some pretty magnificent things . . . like stained glass:




and likenesses carved into pews:


and floors that sure look like quilts to me (quilts that were much more captivating when I stood right there on them than when I climbed up high and tried to get a picture of the “quilt” in its entirety):



On the way back to their apartment, I looked at the cracks in the sidewalks and saw churches and steeples, some caught in the act of being struck by lightning:




Fortunately the lightning only took half the steeple each time:



Sometimes lightning only sheered off the point at the top:


I saw a high rise church built on a mountain (or half a high rise church built on half a mountain for those of you who are more factually inclined:


And best I can tell, this is 5.25 of the Ten Commandments, undoubtedly put on legs to save them from The Flood:


Oh, and we rode the subway last night (a first for me on my fourth visit to The Big Apple) to Little Italy for supper, and I want you to know: I hadn’t been on the train a nanosecond when a fella in a red jacket hopped up and offered me his seat. He’s in construction, and I’m a little offended that he didn’t whistle at me as he offered me his seat. I broke all the rules, though, and not only made eye contact with him, but enjoyed talking to him. (Something that would’ve been much easier had he come with subtitles.)

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