x marks the spot called today



  1. Karen Sharp

    X marks the fulcrum?

    Jeanne, your fulcrum post yesterday was so real, and human, and beautiful both in form (the writing) and heart (how courageous it is).

    I feel that same self-made-anguished, back-and-forth swinging, missing the fulcrum on both sides of the arc, so so frequently, exhaustingly so, sometimes…

    In this photo what catches my attention is the sky, beyond the X. Clear blue air, punctuated by nothing more than passing clouds.

    …may we all find our way into the open air. That calm open endless bowl of blue. And may we hopefully remember to look up, even as we get lost, each the next time, again, in the cross-ways of tangled dark branches, in our lives.

  2. Cristina

    I want to know what is here. I want to be led here. I want to find my X.

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