What I Found Inside Envelope 20


Little Luna, I call her, and I adore her. She’s the teenage daughter of a woman I love – a woman I call Moonglow – and these are her blocks. Little Luna’s, I mean. She shopped for her fabric at thrift stores, and she texted me messages and photos throughout the morning, taking me shopping with her.  Here, in her own good words, is what she told me about making them . . .


Sometimes we forget that terrible things are done. When my mom told me about this project, I immediately wanted to conribute. I believe in this, I believe that no one should die by 2 “x”s on a piece of paper. We all have a right to life, even the imperfect and the youngest among us can teach and give to the world. No one should be able to take that from us!


What happened to these people was a monstrocity! The very fact that they just looked at a piece of paper and never looked in the eyes of the person they were sentencing to death shows their lack of humanity. I am infuriated by this. Someone thought “This child can not have a future. XX.”!!!


I chose to cut up soft worn fabric from donated clothes. The fabric was part of someone’s story. The “X’s” could have been an unseen hand ending that tale. Thank you, Miss Jeanne, for letting me help, and for reminding the world that everyone has a story and needs to be seen and honored.

Little Luna




  1. Kitty Sorgen

    Little Luna certainly has a compassionate heart and a mind full of understanding……which goes to show that age does not limit us in this capacity. Maybe, as we get older, we even lose some of that ability, if we let the circumstances and experiences of our life, wear us down. Thank you, Little Luna, for sharing your soul with this Project. We are blessed you are with us.

    • whollyjeanne

      Exactly, Kitty. Little Luna has a big, wise soul for her teenage years. I’m glad she stands with us.

  2. Chloe

    Your words so perfectly embody this project Luna. Thank you for joining us and contributing with such compassion and soul, you have good wisdom in your young heart xx

    • whollyjeanne

      I wish you could feel her blocks, Chloe. They are so soft, tender, fragile. Little Luna put much thought and heart into this.

      • Chloe

        Jeanne, the skill with which Luna has composed and constructed these little poems of love to those condemned souls says so much about what we are doing with this project; how together we are creating a symphony of protest, a fabric chorus of voices celebrating the inalienable right to live our wonky, unbeautiful, beautiful lives as we please.

  3. Sue Kindred

    She is clearly an old soul. I love her thought process of using the fabric from someone else’s story to complete her blocks. She is a beautiful, thoughtful young lady.

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