Week 17 in Review (June 6-12, 2016)


I’ve heard from people in 72 different countries now, and I have 1405 blocks in my possession. Thank y’all! Our Kitty Sorgen has set a goal of 2000 blocks in hand by July 4, so who’ll help us reach that goal? (Please leave a comment here or in the Facebook group.) I commit to make 100 blocks by June 26, 2016 – in 2 weeks – which is about the last date you can mail your blocks to be sure I receive them by July 4. Actually I need to receive them by July 3 because the post office is closed on July 4. Actually I need to receive them by July 2 because July 3 is a Sunday, and the post office is closed that day, too. How about this: please allow 7-10 days for your blocks to get to me.

It’s hard to know what to do.  I’m a woman who works best with slits and deadlines. Structure. That’s it: I like structure. But this is a Slow Project, a Meditative Project. Laying down those red X’s is a meaningful act that brings up thoughts and feelings from the depths of my soul. To rush that is to lose that.

And yet, if there’s no plan, no finish line, will I live long enough to see all 70,273 blocks?

If you have ideas or suggestions, do tell me.


And . . . I received our first quilt on Friday! Here it is: Quilt 1 of The 70273 Project. It was pieced by Kitty Sorgen and quilted by MJ Kinman. As you can see, each block still bears its identification tag, and because of our comings and goings and the arrival and departure of guests, The Engineer and I won’t be able to make the label for another couple of weeks, and we can’t remove those identification tags until the label is made. Once that’s done, though, I’ll do a Great Reveal post, show you photos of the back, close-ups of the quilting, and list the Makers whose blocks are included. Isn’t it beautiful, y’all?


Oh, one more thing before I forget: some of y’all still haven’t returned your new Provenance Form. If you didn’t receive it in the mail, please let me know and I’ll resend OR download it here and send it back to me. And if it’s more convenience and if you’ll let me know before Sunday, 6/19/2016 (I have a free trial that expires soon, and I can’t afford to pay for the service after that), I can email you one that’s ready for your electronic signature, so you can open, complete, sign, and return. I really need to get those back in asap, so thank y’all for getting them on back to me so we can continue our forward motion.


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  1. Chloe

    Look at that beautiful quilt! I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview from Kitty 🙂 Did you get my returned digital P-form Jeanne? Can I ask you to please send me one each for my girls – will one form cover anything they do, or do they need one per block? Sorry to have to ask… I deffo need one each for the older two 🙂 WHOSE BLOCKS I WILL SEND SOON!!!! They just need a teeny bit of re-shaping…. sigh. Loads of love xxx

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