This happened: I became a grandmother
which means that I’ve been away from the studio
for over two weeks
which means that the updates are few.
Just like the blog posts have been
because I am forced to face up to the fact
once again
that I am not Wonder Woman.
But here’s what I’ve got:

WEEK 13 (MAY 9-15, 2016)
~ By week’s end, I’ve heard from people in 63 different countries.
~ No update on block count on account of I haven’t been there to receive them.
~ I tripped over devised a shortcut in the cataloguing system, which shaved 12-14 minutes off the processing time for each block. This is Big, y’all.

KittyMjQuilt1~ The First Quilt Top of The 70273 Project was handed off from Piecer, Kitty Sorgen to Quilter, MJ Kinman. – two extremely beautiful, talented, generous, kickass women got to meet in a face-to-face handoff. This is Big, too, y’all. Just think: 13 weeks after launching The 70273 Project, we have our first quilt!
~ And I came upon this quote, which seems quite appropriate to The 70273 Project: “Every work of art is conceived at a sacred time and is born in a favorable moment, often without the artist noticing, out of a profound need in his heart.” —Carl Gustav Carus (1789–1869)


WEEK 14 (MAY 16-22,2016)
~ News continues to spread: by week’s end I’ve heard from people in 66 different countries.
~ Spied this blog post penned by Lori East. Thank you, Lori – for the blocks, the post, and the fun!
~ While I waited on Calder Ray (my new grandson) to come out and play, I mailed out a new Provenance Form and SASE to everybody who needs one and got caught up with the cataloguing.
~ Kitty Sorgen taught a quilting workshop last weekend, and she took along pre-cut blocks, Provenance Forms, and red fabric to tell folks about The 70273 Project during their lunch break and offer them a chance to make with one hand while eating with the other. She never misses an opportunity to get the word out, that Kitty.
~ Faye Cook, our 70273 Project Ambassador in Australia, reports that she is sending information on The 70273 Project to embroidery guilds, quilting guilds, and some Australian craft magazines. She has a parcel full of blocks from a local quilting group, and she’s making up packages for some schools for people with special needs so they can join in.

LucyIlesHorner~ Lucy Iles Horner, a talented photographer, writer, and more, is busy stitching, spreading the word, and gathering blocks from all corners of the UK.
~ Having met her previous goal of 1,000 blocks by June 1 (We have 1170 as of May 8, 2016.), Kitty Sorgen, our Coxswain (and more), set a new goal: 2000 blocks in my hands by July 4, 2016. As Kitty says, Ready . . . Set . . . SEW!

On we grow and on we sew!