Week 27 in Review (8/15-8/21 2016)


Week 27 of The 70273 Project seemed to be – without any direction from me and definitely not by design – the week of spreading the word . . .

Many people shared or wrote Facebook posts about The 70273 Project:
Ann Grasso
Pam Patterson
Charles Clifford Brooks
Kimberly Brock
Chloe Grice
Laurie Dunn
to name a few. (If I missed you, please let me know. Sometimes folks forget to tag me or think they’ve tagged me, but it doesn’t take.) (Then there’s the distinct possibility that I forgot to make a note, too.)

Barbara Schaffer wrote a blog post about The 70273 Project. So did Cecile,, who lives over in France. Cecile has already made her block and dropped it off in the post, and I received Barbara’s blocks this past week.

Jackson County, NC (where I live)  is creating a new Directory of Artists, and I got us listed in it. I figure it can’t hurt, might help.

Nancy Fenstermacher invited me to drop off a post on her Facebook page, Bakers at Red Lion. Thank you, Nancy!

I know you’re busy making blocks and piecing and quilting and I thank you big for that. And if you’re on Facebook, might you please take a minute periodically to post about The 70273 Project and tag either the group or the page? Or maybe you’ll share a blog post or a post somebody else made on Facebook. Perhaps you’d like to write a post about The 70273 Project or have me write one for you and become your guest blogger, just let me know. However you get the word out, thank you. This is a grass roots effort, that’s for sure, and the way it grows is with everybody telling somebody else.

Thanks to the generosity of folks like Linda Smith, Michelle Banton, Frances Holliday Alford, Phyllis Hendricks, and MariAnn Stephanelli, I was able to pay the submission fees for The 70273 Project: Quilt 1 to be in two upcoming quilt shows: one in Asheville, NC (9/30-10/2), and the Smoky Mountain Splendor quilt show in Franklin, NC (9/22-24). We live close enough that I can deliver and pick up the quilt, so no postage was required. Plus I’ll admit to being a little bit nervous about letting these go. It’s like children going off to college – thrilled and at the same time scared to death to let them go.

Our Monday Morsel was contributed by our Julie Weller . . .
A Good Fight
I once watched a movie on the last years of Martin Luther King Jr’s life not was an excellent movie that taught me a lot. The best “take away” I had was a quote by one of MLK’s close advisors. It was: “If you see a gods fight, get in it.”
I absolutely love this quote because it reminds us that some causes are worth taking a risk to fight for the desired outcome. See somebody getting bullied? Join the fight. See somebody getting abused? A kind word and HELP can make all the difference.
Thank you, Julie, for giving us something so positive and good to take us through the week, for reminding us of why we’re gathered here around The 70273 Project campfire. If you’re willing to provide a Monday Morsel – can be a quote, a photo, a short story, a positive thought, whatever – message or email me.


Friday was Bundling Day in The Dissenter’s Chapel & Snug.  Because it’s only the third time I’ve done this, it’s still quite time-consuming – lots of checking, double checking, triple checking, logging in, and stuff, but the good (or at least encouraging) news is that I think I’ve come up with a system that will streamline things, making it more efficient.


Bundles of blocks for Quilts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 went out on Saturday morning. Quilt 6 bundles will light on the front steps of Fran Saperstein. Bundles for Quilts 7 and 8 are  destined for Kitty Sorgen. Quilt 9 bundles are winging their way to Becky Lewis, while blocks for Quilt 10 should be landing in MJ Kinman’s mailbox any time now. A bundle of blocks for Quilt 11 is headed straight to Janet Hartje. All are scheduled to arrive today. Our quilt inventory grows and grows – thank y’all for that. If any of you would like to raise your hand to join the P’s and Q’s (Piecers and Quilters), please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with MJ Kinman, our P’s and Q’s Coordinator and she’ll get you all scheduled up.)


Thanks to Barbara Schaffer and Millie Long (who even included a present for Nancy), our block count is now – wait for it – 3167! I’m not kidding – I have 3167 blocks in my studio – so you know what that means: we need a new goal! Kitty Sorgen, our 70273 project coxswain, set us a goal of 3,000 blocks by 9/5/2016, and y’all met it early! Congratulations. And thank you.

Kitty’s new goal? 5,000 blocks by 12/31/2016. Can we do it? Of course we can. As Kitty says, we’ll close out this year with a BANG.

Be sure to come back tomorrow, y’all, cause I have something to tell you. I’m calling it an Adventure, and you . . . well, just come back tomorrow, okay?

If you’ll allow me a personal note . . . this edition of the Week in Review is a day late because this happened:

Yep, I’m in Denver on my first (well, technically my second, but this is my first solo) babysitting gig. Meet Calder Ray, y’all. I’m spending all week with this bunch of awesomeness, folks, popping in and out as I can, so please keep stitching and posting and emailing . . . just expect delays in my response time. (And if there are any typos in this post, it’s his fault.) Thanks for understanding . . . and for being part of The 70273 Project.


  1. Chloe

    OHHHHHHHHH he’s so damn CUTE!!!!!!! And this is from someone who’s pretty well had enough of babies to last at least one lifetime (hi kids! Love you!)….. So delicious! Thanks for sharing your beautiful grandson with us all, Jeanne! xxxx

    • whollyjeanne

      I totally “get” what you’re saying about kids. We’ve talked, so you know I do. That said, he is pretty stinking cute . . . especially when he’s asleep. (Is a grandmother allowed to say that?)

  2. Kitty Sorgen

    I’m so excited we reached our goal….and even exceeded it! WTG, Team! Y’all are so amazingly wonderful! So we’ve got a ‘head start’ on our goal for New Years Eve! Holidays are busy for everyone, but we’ve got a nice long time to work on our blocks, and you can space them out or finish them up in a hurry……whatever works best for you. And Jeanne, I’m so happy to let you know that my two bundles of blocks arrived in the mail today, and I’m already putting one up on the design wall. Just LOVE this project!

    • whollyjeanne

      And I just LOVE that you’re a part of it, Kitty. I really don’t know what I’d do without you. Here’s to 5k by 12/31! Cheers. Clink.

  3. Lori East

    Let’s hear it for Team 70273!! And hooray for that little s’more bit, Calder Ray. He’s just SO sweet!

    • whollyjeanne

      He’s gonna make a block, too. At least one. At 3 months old, he may be the youngest Maker so far.

      • Lori East

        I wondered how long that would take. Start him now!

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