What a week it’s been . . .

~~ Issue #4 of The Blue Mountain Review came out containing an article I penned about The 70273 Project.

~~ Megan Null penned our Monday Meditational Morsel. If you’d be willing to contribute food for thought and stitching for one (or more) weeks, please let me know. Here’s Megan’s good MMM:

Happy Monday! 

Here’s something to think about as you count blocks. 

This project is important to me and something I think and talk about often. How many blocks have I made so far? Three. Does that mean that I’m slacking? NO!

We’re commemorating and celebrating 70,273 people. Each block is special and important. We’ll get to the final number, don’t worry. Let’s appreciate the progress. “Only” three represents three actual real human beings. 

Try to resist the urge to compare yourself to others in order to put yourself down. If you’re here in this group you CARE and that means you’re doing great!

Thank you, Megan!

~~ I am doing some tinkering under the hood here at the blog, and one thing I’m doing is adding links to blogs and web sites, so if you’re a member of The 70273 Project Tribe and have a blog or web site, please email me the name and a link so I can include you.

~~ I’m also adding a collection of blog posts penned about The 70273 Project, so if you’ve written one, would you please send me a link to that, too.


~~ Thanks to envelopes from Lori East, Frances Holliday Alford; Bobbi Penman; Maryellen “Graz” Gryseqicz; Lori DeJarnatt; Deborah McKinnon, and Pat Gaska, our block count is now at . . . are you ready for it . . . 2692! Being allergic to math, I asked The Engineer, and he tells me we need only 308 more blocks to hit Kitty Sorgen’s goal of 3000 blocks in my hands by 9/5/2016. That’s about 4 weeks from now, y’all, so I have no doubt we’ll make her goal and then some. Thank y’all.

And that’s about all I can think of that happened last week, so I’ll excuse myself and head on back to visit with my friends who came to visit.


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