Inside Envelope #46: Carol Howard Donati

Carol Howard Donati 1

Carol, in her own words . . .

Hi there, my name is Carol Howard Donati. I am a Canadian mixed media artist. I found your blog on line, Jeanne, and was impressed, first of all with who you are, and then with this very important project. Thank you for bringing to our attention this hidden fact of history that is so relevant to our understanding today. I knew right away I wanted to take part in celebrating the value of the lives of the 70,273!

Your project is a good fit with my own work, the theme of which is to draw attention to the rituals and patterns of our everyday lives and things we might take for granted. I sewed my first block using a scrap of embroidered table linen as the base.


For my second block I printed the X’s with a stencil cut from an acetate sheet (I am currently in an Artist Residency Program at the Ottawa School of Art’s Print Studio!).

Thank you for welcoming me to the project.

Jeanne here . . .

You know, Carol, after a dark thirty in the morning epiphany several years ago, I realize that the focus in my cloth work, performance, and perhaps in writing, too is to shine a light between the cracks to see who and/or what fell there. It seems we’re walking parallel paths, you and I. Lucky me!

Thank you, Carol, for being a part of The 70273 Project.  Your work is beautiful.


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  1. moonglow

    These are lovely!

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