Meet Nancy. It was Friday, the end of a long, full week,
and The Girls were happy, sleepy, and punch happy.


Week two of The 70273 Project  did not disappoint. Things were quite busy as The Engineer and I spent the week in Florida tending to Nancy’s pressing needs. It was a week filled with meetings and planning and what I think will soon be called good outcomes. I was, however, completely exhausted and slept most of yesterday, so please excuse my tardiness in posting this recap . . .

~ We now have now been visited and/or contacted by 40 countries.

~ Had a ball fielding questions in a twitter chat moderated by Meredith Shadwill for #storydam .

~ Received many supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic emails from around the world.

~ Posses are being formed as folks get church groups, Adult Day Training programs, families (including husbands and granddaughters), quilt shops, and schools  involved.

~ One podcast interview scheduled. Details to follow.

~ I’ve been booked as a speaker at a training day in Florida in June.

~ More than 250 flyers have been posted, and more than 500 info cards distributed (that I know of).

~ One guest blog post appeared here. Thank you, Hilke.

~ I understand that envelopes filled with blocks are waiting on me at the post office, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them when we get back on Wednesday. Stay tuned for photos and bios.

Just hitting the high points here. Look for more specifics to come along later this week.


Tomorrow’s March 1, so you know what that means :: 31 Blocks in 31 Days! You can make a block a day, 31 blocks in one day, or anything in between. I’m hoping that by month’s end, we will have at least 100 folks turning in 31 blocks each. It’s not too late to join or to spread the word, so please do both.

We have a new Facebook page! If you’re on Facebook, so drop by and “like” it and invite your friends to like it. Though you can post on The 70273 Project page, I do hope you’ll continue posting on your Facebook timeline, too, (and remember to tag me so I see it) because that really helps get the word out.

I’m gonna’ be doing a little housekeeper around here, making things easier to find, so watch for it and do send along any ideas you have cause you know good and well I can’t think of everything myself. I just can’t.

And if you have a group you’d like me to speak to, or if you’d like to chat with me for a podcast, tv show, or guest blog post, or if you have an idea, or if you just want to talk, do let me know.

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Thank y’all so very much for your enthusiastic support of The 70273 Project. Please don’t stop.