things i have survived:

eating grapes

eating mudpies

cords on blinds

eating hot dogs

a wooden playpen

swimming in a pond with cows

cabinet doors without latches

summers without air conditioning

hanging wallpaper with my husband

eating peaches right off the tree

my high school guidance counselor

a mugging on the sidewalks of new york

roller skating without protective armor

riding in cars without carseats or seatbelts

telephones with no voicemail or answering machine or call waiting

bike riding before helmets, gloves, kneepads, and gears

an F on an undergraduate biology test (i was in love – i’ll tell you about it one day.)

and now: my brother going to afghanistan.


he leaves tomorrow night, and i’ve tried hard not to waste our time by missing him while we are together. but every now and then i kinda’ practiced, kinda’ opened that door to my heart just a teensy little bit to see if i could survive him being a world away.


why will i miss him?

oh, just let me tell you (some of) the ways:


he can keep secrets.

he always – and i mean always – has my back.

his soft spot for animals is about the size of the milky way. maybe bigger.

he’s so damn good on the golf course, i had to learn how to strut.

he has a deep insightfulness that sometimes takes my breath away and always keeps me thinking.


he tells the truth.


he is funny – i’m talking knee-slapping, side-hugging funny.

he wouldn’t know pretentious if it up and bit him on the nose.

he loves me just the way i am, bossiness and all.



my brother, of course

a.k.a. j3


  1. Mrsmediocrity

    Oh gosh. What to say? I’m just going to send you a couple dozen extra hugs for you to use when you need one. Love ya, Thel

  2. Cristina

    I’m holding you so tight I won’t ever let you go, you’ll just have to drag me around your house. And when you feel sad, I will just pat your head and say, “Now, now, don’t you fret.” I love you.

  3. whollyjeanne

    oh thelma juice. what on earth would i do without you and your hugs? is it greedy to ask for a couple dozen extra for maybe the next 3 weeks? i could just scatter them around so i’m never far from one.

  4. whollyjeanne

    well, with thelma’s hugs and you patting my head, i’m gonna’ be just fine. it’ll sure keep the fretting down, that’s for sure. thank you, love.

  5. Lalizlatina

    My heart breaks a little for you, but I am also in awe. Your ability to write about someone so important to you & share him with us is remarkable. I am here too, to remind you to breathe & to send you hugs.

  6. PicsieChick

    Awwww, how beautiful this is. Sending you lots and lots of butterflies. Every day. Lots of them. All the time. Whenever you need them.

    And hugs, too,

  7. whollyjeanne

    thank you, luv. excellent, important reminders – thanks for volunteering to be my sticky note.

  8. whollyjeanne

    teresa, you always show up at just the right time with just the right words and always, always with just the right butterflies. thank you. xo

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