male wearing bluejeans and a jacket brings a box filled with parcels, packages, and envelopes from the post office

The Engineer fetches the mail

If you visit Jeanne’s Time Journal page, you’ll see that I’ve been on the road a good bit lately, and while I still manage to get a lot done, I haven’t been here to check-in blocks. I’m delighted to tell you that Peggy Thomas has generously offered to take over The 70273 Project record keeping! Never one to let moss grow under her feet, Peggy has already enlisted the help of Nancy Carroll, Lori Grillo, and Gladys Loewen who are busy entering information into a . . . spreadsheet . . . called The Missus.

Note: Spreadsheets shut me down and stomp me flat – and I mean just the word “spreadsheets”. I can’t even say it out of my mouth without stuttering and stammering. So Peggy and Nancy and Lori and Gladys have agreed to use “Landscape Oriented Tables” or “LOTs” when talking to me.

Anyway, that’s all happening in the background, and we’re figuring out new systems for handing off and recording and sharing and all such as that. For now, here are the newly-received items I’ve checked in (so far):

QUILT TOPS pieced by
Ellen Binsfeld
Carliss Paige
Edna Jamandre
Joyce Baumgarten
Cale Koltes

QUILTS quilted and finished by
Mary Ellen Swanson
Alejandrina Pattin
Erin & Serena Bross
Carlyn Clark
Hayling Island Piecemakers
Teddy Pruett
Sew and Sewcial Group
Wittering Quilters
Bonnie Larrison Anderson

Bonnie Larrison Anderson
Amy and the GT Quilters

Just look at that graph at the bottom of the page grow towards the sun as this brings our block count to 56,119!

We have bundles of blocks ready to be sent out to volunteers who will piece and quilt or just piece them, and we have quilt tops ready to go to volunteers who will quilt and finish them. If you’re willing to receive bundles and/or tops, please let me know which you prefer and how many you want. As always, I thank you with my whole heart for being part of The 70273 Project Tribe.

And of course we still need blocks/commemorations, so tell everybody you know.

I know many of you are working on blocks and tops and quilts, and while I don’t want to rush you, I sure would appreciate it if you could finish them and have them to me by our third anniversary: 14 Feb 19. If you could get them to me by 01 Feb 19, that would be even better as Peggy and I will have time to check them in.

Besides a new Recordkeeping Group, there’s much that’s new and exciting and coming up in The 70273 Project, so stay tuned.


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