72 white quilt blocks, each embellished with a pair of red X's

Blocks made by Alida Palmisano

What you’ve all been waiting for (for far too long). There are so many reasons it’s taken me this long to update the block count, but I’d rather list the Makers, wouldn’t you? This is only a partial update, mind you. There will be another update next week. And there are still many blocks and quilts coming from all over the world. The 70273 Project has exploded to the point that I no longer add blocks to the count until the blocks or quilts are in my hands. I just don’t have the brain bandwidth to keep up with what’s here, what’s not, what’s been counted, what hasn’t.

This week’s Honor Roll of Makers includes:

Jackie Reichardt (FL, US) for her daughter Katerina Lynn Reichardt
Kathy Seelbach (NV, US)  for Rosemary Kalitzki, her mother and a Holocaust survivor
Peggy Hicks (TX, US)
Jeanette Parker (UT, US)
Diane Aronson (MN, US) for the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust Shoah
Virginia Waymire (CA, US)
Jenelll Henning (OK, US) for Thomas Henning, Cevin Forrester, and Austin Blackwell
Jane Gehring (TX, US) for all who suffered at the hands of the Nazis
Jane Melon (MN, US)
Alida Palmisano (MD, US)
Shellie Specter (FL, US)
Ivy Jensen (TX, US)
Jo Ann Luco (TX, US)
Rita Joseck (TX, US)
Yvonne Wilson (TX, US)
Vian Tompkins (MO, US)
Cheryl Cramer (WA, US)
Judy J. Cobb (WA, US) for The Lintz Family from Prussia to Philadelphia, PA
Susan Carpenter (WA, US) for Helen Engelmann, Huberta Terwilleger, and Polly Carpenter
Marylu Cunning (Wa, US) for Jeremy Ray Cunning and Michael Witt

Thanks to these good, compassionate people, our new block count is:


And remember: there are more waiting to be checked in next week, so subscribe or remember to drop by. Are you going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX this year? Would you like to meet up and/or deliver blocks and quilts to me? Email me and let’s make a plan.