a long quilt - white background covered with pairs of red X's

Meet The 70273 Project Quilt #304. This beauty is a Long Skinny made of blocks created by kids in the Religious Education program at the First Unitarian Church in Toronto, Canada.

The quilt is dedicated to the memory of Mark Jorgensen, 43 years old, who died in the summer of 2017 after living with Rett Syndrome, a genetic brain disorder with increasing mental and physical decline. Writes The 70273 Project Ambassador Linda Heron, “Mark enjoyed coming to church and was an enthusiastic singer and an occasionally loud participant in the church service. He was always acknowledged by service leaders with a friendly nod and a smile. We will all miss him.”

three people sitting at a table using needle and thread to stitch red strips of fabric onto white fabric

The quilt measures 19″ x 40″ or 48cm x 102cm. Completed in  November 2017, Quilt 304 commemorates 18 people. It will hang in the Library at the  First Unitarian Church in Toronto, Canada  throughout the month of March, and anyone in the area is invited to stop in,  view the quilt, and make some blocks using materials available there.

Thank you, Linda Heron, for coordinating these beautiful commemorations, for sharing news of The 70273 Project,  and for sending these photos.

closeup photo of a white quilt covered with pairs of red X's

The 70273 Project Quilt #304

Pieced, Quilted, Finished by Linda Heron

Block Makers:
Nikita de Jonge
Chloe Macintosh Rideau
Samantha Ponic
Nathan Morrisey
Alex Stones
Sally Pfohl
Jack Pfohl

Adult helpers:
Wendy Dines
Judy Magny
Linda Heron