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today was the (self-avowed and self-allowed) last day of being sick, so i only have 2 little illuminations gleaned from today . . .

i come from a long line of women who know that in every illness, you eventually reach a point where the best remedy is to take a hot shower, shave your legs, wash your hair, and put on clean clothes – especially clean underwear since you’ll now be going out and what if, god forbid, you should be hit by a car.

the end stages of availing myself of that remedy led to:

i also come from a long line of women (the other side of my family orchard) who save things. things aren’t worn out, they rust out. when my childless great aunt lucy died, i could’ve filled a dumpster with the boxes of colorful silk undies, worn only by the tissue paper wrapping. if she tried them on at the store, it was the only time those gorgeous garments felt the touch of skin.

and i can’t even count high enough to tell you how many boxes of tissues i found. had to throw them all away because by the time i found them, they’d become trees again.

so you see why finishing a jar of body cream – scooping out the very last bit – was a near milestone for me. i’ve had that particular jar of lotion going on five years, and just in the past year did i vow to change the way i think about something as simple as putting aromatic lotion on myself: it’s not an extravagant, unnecessary luxury. it’s not something i have to earn or deserve. it’s not something that will take time away from other more important things. it’s a simple thing i can do that will not only hydrate my skin. it’s a little ole’ bitty thing i can do to thank my body for supporting me with strength and the occasional moments of gracefulness.

p.s. i can’t help but wish, though, that if she wasn’t going to wear those slips and panties, aunt lucy would’ve held onto money instead. would’ve been so much more fun finding my way through boxes of green.


  1. mynde mayfield

    loving this…

    “you eventually reach a point where the best remedy is to take a hot shower, shave your legs, wash your hair, and put on clean underwear.”

    glad your feeling better! xoxo

  2. Julie

    Jeanne, so glad you reached the point where you put that underwear on… now you're back in commission. Yay for us (feeling a bit selfish here). i may just have to follow in great aunt lucy's steps and buy me some silk underwear…

  3. oilve & hope

    There is nothing like a little self care Jeanne. So happy that you indulged in the last bit of that body cream, and that you are feeling better! I recognize myself in this post…I will save my expensive body creams, and “special” things…as if I'm not special enough to use or wear them right now. Isn't that a bunch of bs?!! Our special selves are so worthy of all of the good stuff now, and when we finish the jars and our things take on a worn look, there will be more to be had. Always more. xo

  4. Square-Peg Karen

    love this post and am very glad you're feeling better! the underwear thing – you wear underwear?? just kiddin'! and Jeanne — “would’ve been so much more fun finding my way through boxes of green.” – ha! Laughed hard at that!!

  5. emma

    I feel so sad for Aunt Lucy! What a great reminder, too, not to save stuff for the “perfect” occasion. Any moment, every moment is the right moment – for those silky undies, the luxurious creams, that great bottle of wine, the store, or restaurant, or park we've all driven by and wondered about…

    Love this!

    And soooo glad you are feeling better!

  6. Annalisa

    Oh my! I always know I'm feeling better when I finally think a shower would feel better than crawling back to bed AND in the last year I set myself a goal of using up every single drop of lotion that had been sitting around the house for god knows how long. Today I used up the last drop and to celebrate I went out and got myself some NEW fancy lotion, of my choice, from the organic store down the street! we are in sync!
    Glad you are feeling better… keep treating yourself right

  7. shawnacevraini

    I LOVE this story – I laughed out loud at the clean underwear comment! It is so important to give ourselves permission to “use the good stuff”. We should never wait for that special occasion that may never come! Thanks for the reminder! I posted a link to this post in our Taking Care of You section on our website! Thanks so much Jeanne!

  8. whollyjeanne

    works every time!

  9. whollyjeanne

    go a step further than aunt lucy and wear the silkies!

  10. whollyjeanne

    well said, my big-thinking friend. xo

  11. whollyjeanne

    karen, karen, karen. what am i gonna' do with you?????

  12. whollyjeanne

    every occasion is the perfect occasion, every moment is the right moment: yes. absolutely.

  13. whollyjeanne

    well, well, well. if it isn't my friend annalisa. long time, no talkie. (my fault. and i promise to do better.) i have that same goal: use every bottle i've been saving for inexplicable reasons. can't think of a person i'd rather be in sync with.

  14. whollyjeanne

    yes, that's it, isn't it? we give our own selves permission. and thanks for the link!

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