A day late and a dollar short.  Story of my life.  🙄

Anyhoo, April’s Shelf-ish Pursuits book selection is “The Boys in the Bunkhouse” by Dan Berry.

I’m roughly halfway through this one already.  Yes, I may have cheated a smidge and jumped into this book just as soon as I’d finished last month’s, but with no one paying me nary a bit of attention, who’s to know?  I am loving this book and hope y’all will too.

From the very start of our book club, I had it in mind to alternate between fiction and nonfiction.  I even had the entire year’s selections picked out and in a stack all their own.  But things happen and new titles catch my eye and…squirrel!  You get the idea.  For the most part, I’ll try to stick with my plan so there’s no burnout.  Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

Toward the middle of the month, I’ll announce May’s book 📚 and post in EVENTS our next discussion.

Please keep your book suggestions coming!  I promise I really am keeping a list and will choose a book from it on occasion for everyone to enjoy.

Happy reading! 👓 ☕ 📖