a bag filled with mail - some boxes some large envelopes

In the past several weeks, I’ve received blocks from these good people:


  • Margaret Allen (US)
  • Edna Jamandre (US)
  • Susan Blexrud (US) (We’re gonna’ meet live and in person sometime this year.)
  • Iris Harris (US – and from my hometown Fayetteville, GA!)
  • Patricia Costantini (US) dedicated to the 70,273 innocent souls
  • Pepe Bowman (US)
  • Anonymous
  • Irmgard Römer (Germany)
  • Sandra Engstrand (US)
  • Bill Croft (US)
  • Stephanie DeAbreu (US)
  • Lis Binns (US)
  • Theresa Vaarga (US)
  • Shannon Timberlakd (US) dedicated to Emma Leah Timberlake
  • Chrissy Cozzi (US) dedicated to her daddy: Wm. L. Ellis, Jr., Nazi POW
  • Kathy Westmoreland (US) dedicated to her daddy: Wm. L. Ellis, Jr., a Nazi POW
  • Nancy O’Donnell Glosup (US) dedicated to Maeve Watson T1D
  • Sieg Leland (US)
  • Roland Bostick (US)
  • Sherry Searcy (US)
  • Cissa Kamakura (US)
  • Susan Melton (US)
  • Joan E. Beier (US)
  • Stephanie Bowen (US) dedicated to Nancy Chambers and Jeanne Hewell-Chambers (Thank you.)
  • Katharine Wall (US)
  • Nancy Erisman (US) dedicated to Laila and many, many, many others
  • Sharleen Jespersen

These students in the KMS Gifted and Talented Program in Kennett, MO also sent blocks:

  • Ethan Davis
  • Sophie Boone
  • Saraity Morris
  • Destiny Lloyd
  • Delaying Dalton
  • Jordan Crawford
  • Craig Noblin
  • Macy Bazzell
  • Camden Moore
  • Cody Holden
  • Taylor Isenhour
  • Alec Holden
  • Lani Heeb
  • Camille Thomas
  • Conner Thomas
  • David VanDyke
  • and their teacher, Cindy Thomas


  • #549, a Long Skinny made by Grace Ann Cannon (US) dedicated to Aubrey Hendley
  • #552, a Middling made by Maria Conway (Argentina)
  • #550, a Mini made by Jan Snell (CAN) dedicated to Spruce, Melissa, & former students
  • #553 Bev Haring, a Long Skinny

Our last block count update found us with 33,491 commemorations in hand. When we add these in, we have commemorated 36,647 people.

Now I’ve been sifting, sorting, wading, and winding my way through the blocks and quilts from Durham and Channel Islands to make sure I don’t duplicate or leave out anything. You see, those two  have been making blocks and quilts since the double digit quilt numbers, and back then . . . well, I’ll explain it all later. Just come back around soon because my plan is to  add the blocks from Durham, Channel Islands, and Rochester over the next week.