she, more


in the beginning
there was light:
the lightness of laughter,
the lightness of femininity,
the lightness of self-assurance.
she was fiercely delicate,
this one,
fluent in the strength of vulnerability.

eventually her sure and tender feet
encountered the straight and narrow,
a path lined with directional signs
and dire warnings,
a path with unwavering rules,
a path that blistered unprotected souls.

then came the day when she
stopped –
she just stopped,
i tell you.
picked up the fabrics of her life,
and ripped them to find the straight grain.

she wove
then stitched
the strips together,
the up/down
eventually blurring the lines,
fraying the edges,
unraveling things just enough
to form
a whole cloth,
a blank slate
a stout, staunch cloth
on which to write
the rest of her life.


  1. Angela

    This is beautifully rich, Jeanne, worthy of rereading and contemplation and emulation. 

  2. jo miller

    Oh,my…I was ready to go on a rant-cuz it has been that kind of day & the science of a ‘high line’ celluite cream, totally spun me.—I have been under the apron of edginess most of this day.
    on my way, I passed Julie Daley & although I only recommend after reading first, I thought that I would give a quick spin to those that I—I thought would benefit/ changed my mind,wanted to honour myself and WHO pops up but you, Miss Jeanne – please accept my nod and slowing down to give you & all writers who give us from their hearts to open & help.
    I briefly read thru.  I am ,humbly- this kind of humble is not a bad thing- it honours me & you.- am going to go back & appreciate this moment I was given.

    ‘a path that blistered unprotected souls’

    Jeanne, this belongs in textbooks that learning minds can discern,dissect & take with them.

    I say Nobel Peace Prize as it empowers  ~  I am glad I stopped to read. I am glad it was you.   My rant was not very imp. nor would it have prevented harm.

    love you.darlin’   jo xo  & Ms Julie Daley thank you for taking the time to share this treasure!

    • whollyjeanne

      jo, your words, your time – you honor me, you humble me . . . in that good way you mention. it means so much to me that you took the time – that i was the lucky one who was seen by you. your friendship and traveling this path together means so much to me. i love you.

  3. Anonymous

    I had a dream about a blanket just like this the other night. I was cold and someone wrapped me up in it. 

    • whollyjeanne

      oh that gives me goosebumps just imagining it. create it, sugar. create that blanket and wrap yourself up every single day. i’ll help you.

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