white fabric covered with pairs of red X's


white quilt covered with pairs of red X's


white quilt covered with pairs of red X's


white quilt covered with pairs of red X's

The 70273 Project Quilt 652
40 commemorations
44.5″ x 71″ / 113cm x 180 cm
Completed November 2018

Pieced by: Elsa Mumford (USA)
Quilted by: Maggie Dupuis (USA)
Finished by: Millie Little (USA)

Blocks made by:
Janet Gerhardt (USA)
Ginger Alberti (USA)
Mary Jo Beveridge (USA)
Betty Jokinen (USA)
Chari Johnson (USA)
Benita Maksimchuk (USA)
Carol Tallon (USA)
Mary Ann Anderson (USA)
Barbara Rickard (USA)
Claire Snow (USA)
Patricia Carbine (USA)
Maggie Dupuis (USA)
Nancy C. Kubin (USA)
Pam Hawley (USA)
Rae Louise Matson (USA)
Betty Overocker (USA)
Patty Rose (USA)
Elsa Mumford (USA)
Karen Secor (USA)
Millie Little (USA)

Writes Claire Snow . . .

This quilt was made by the Sandstone Piecemakers of Calumet, Michigan, a quilt guild that has been in existence for almost 25 years. We’re located in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan in what was the center of the Copper Mining industry at the turn of the 20th century. 

Th project came about when a group of our guild members attended the 2018 Minnesota Annual Quilt Show in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The ladies were deeply struck when they saw the display of The 70273 Project. It touched their hearts in a way they knew it was the perfect project for our guild. We were so excited by the project as a guild that in our recent quilt show in September, we set up a small display of our blocks that were completed and shared the story with fellow quilters of the UP. We take great pride in participating in this project and being able to spread the word of those victims with special needs who died so that the 70273 will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Claire and Members of the Sandstone Piecemakers for this beautiful contribution to The 70273 Project, and thank you, Claire, for the beautiful photos and for gathering and sending all the requested information. Would your guild or group like to make a quilt? Here’s how.


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