When Deena Sanders saw a post on the Tree City Quilter’s Guild Facebook page, she jumped right into her studio and made five blocks.



Deena writes:

I feel so bad for those people that were murdered for senseless acts of hate. I work for The University of Florida in the Gene Therapy Department in the Vector Core Lab and what we do is make up vectors for the researchers to use in their work against diseases that people have based on congenital problems (lacking certain genes to do certain jobs in the body, and therefore making diseases, some fatal).  The majority of the diseases that we work with have to do with muscular dystrophy and the like. (Pompe disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, etc.).  I am afraid that the children with these diseases would probably fall under the red X’s back in the time when this happened. It is for this reason that I am contributing my blocks to this project.  I hope this helps.


It does help, Deena. It helps so much. Thank you for being a part of The 70273 Project, for the work you do when you’re not making quilts, and for realizing the importance of your work and the relevance to The 70273 Project.



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