In Our Cute Shoes

Today I’m honored to be a guest blogger over at Angela Kelsey’s place where she’s celebrating Women’s History Month by asking women to share stories about women who educated and empowered them. Though I count myself incredibly fortunate to have a long list of women who have supported me, nudged me, shored me, I chose to use this opportunity to tell you about Fran and Marcia and how they wore their cute shoes to step right into my life without waiting on an invitation. May we all have them, may we all be them.

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And today’s altar is dedicated to storytelling from the inside out . . . to letting our loose threads, our frayed edges, our scratchiness show . . . to removing our masks and veils . . . to undoing the ties that bind and hide and silence . . . to stepping out of the darkness and into full bloom as we crack ourselves wide open and sparkle.


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  1. Angela

    And I’m honored (almost beyond words, but not quite) that you told your story, and Fran’s, and Marcia’s. Today’s altar is a perfect representation of what’s happening. It’s no surprise that the prom dress fabric was best stitched inside out. xoxo

    • whollyjeanne

      You know, Sugar, I didn’t even remember using the wrong side of the fabric until I fell out of my fingertips. Don’t you love that about memory? About writing? I knew that wouldn’t escape your notice;) Thank you again for hatching this very good idea and for making it happen. For holding a space for us to honor women who support women. May it long be what we do best. xoxo

  2. noelrozny

    Yes, that is exactly what I need to do … rather than let my feet get all tangled in the loose threads. 

    • wholly jeanne

      put your dress on with the inside out, slide into your cute shoes, and step right smackdab into your sparkle, sugar. that’s the ticket.

  3. ☆little light☆

    I loved your post there, and your ruby slippers here…

    • whollyjeanne

      thanks, moonshine. click, click, click. . .

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