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  1. Julie Daley

    gorgeousness, my friend.

  2. noelrozny

    Thank you. It’s spring here in Chicago … usually my favorite. But instead, I’ve been all out of sorts. This helps me see why. Thank you. XOXO

    • whollyjeanne

      well, sug, i tell you what. if you need a fran and marcia, you just let me know. i’ll put my cute shoes on and be right there.
      p.s. i officially joined scintilla today. yay – and thanks for letting me know about it. xoxo

      • noelrozny

         EXCELLENT! 🙂

  3. Maeve

    Beautiful. This has been a season of quiet for me – less time roaming the internet and more time looking inward. I’m hoping to get back to visiting more blogs with spring’s arrival and feeling new life stirring in my soul again!

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