hello, mother, my name is jeanne (day 19)

you can’t make this stuff up.

fortunately i don’t even have to try.


the beautiful jewelry (yes, i wore it yesterday, too. i can’t get anything past you, can i?) is created by my friend kelly who also has an etsy shop. (pssst: it’s never too early to start shopping – ho, ho, ho!)

the paintings behind me were created by my talented daughter, alison.


no, that’s not a bump on the right side of my head. i kinda’ wish it were cause then i wouldn’t have to tell you that i did my own hair, but trust me: next time, i’ll check in with a mirror first.


  1. Mrsmediocrity

    i’ll be the one still laughing.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh gosh, what Mrs. M said. Me too. Thanks – I needed that tonight.

  3. angela

    Oh, Gene, I mean, Jean, uh, Jeanne! Don’t worry, we know and love who you are. xoxo

  4. Amelia

    loved this!

  5. Sally G.

    I actually see a tremendous opportunity for you here. Just imagine if your mother started receiving letters of forgiveness for all the crazy she’s brought to your life — and each and every one of them is attributed to Jean(nne) Butler!

    Oh, the FUN you could have with that!!

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