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Upcoming Exhibit in Jersey, Channel Islands

From Monday, January 8, 2018 to Saturday, January 27, 2018 this building – TheJersey Heritage Museum – will be filled with quilts made by residents of Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. 70273 Project Ambassadors Kim Monins and  Gisele Therezien have worked tirelessly for more than a year, hosting block drives, piecing tops, quilting and finishing quilts. […]

The Channel Islands, UK Comes on Strong for The 70273 Project

“The Channel Islands,UK were occupied by the Nazis for 5 years during WWII, so we have many historical and emotional links to those dark times,” Kim tells me in her first email after hearing about The 70273 Project. Kim Monins and Gisele Therezien – both talented, creative, accomplished quilters – immediately begin stitching blocks with dedicated […]

Happy Fourth Birthday to Us!

Four years ago today, I gave myself the best birthday present ever when I mashed the “publish” button and launched The 70273 Project. What an incredible, amazing, astonishing four years it has been. Looking Back Our first blocks came from Kitty Sorgen less than 2 weeks of that first post. News of the project spread […]

From the Archives: U.K. Quilts and Exhibits

  Every year Europeans mark Holocaust Remembrance Day at the end of January. The Engineer, Tari Vickery, and I are honored to be in attendance and participate in January 2018. Quilts of The 70273 Project were on display in Durham Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral, and the Jersey Heritage Center and Museum in the Channel Islands. It’s […]

Meet Quilt 423

Allow me to introduce Quilt 423 of The 70273 Project. As one who once taught book and box making workshops, I chortled gleefully when Miss 423 arrived in her own handmade chariot, complete with a (still-uncompleted) subtraction worksheet turned protection flap! The box is made by the same creative hands that picked up the quilt […]

Interviewing Tari Vickery

Perhaps you know her in person or through social media. Tari Vickery is a friend to me, to many of you, and to The 70273 Project. She is a 70273 Project Ambassador, an administrator for The 70273 Project Campfire Group and for The 70273 Project Facebook page, and because she spent a semester in France […]

Durham Cathedral Quilts Added to the Count

The Coxhoe Quilters who hail from Durham, U.K. have been commemorating people through The 70273 Project from the get-go. Their first quilt is #33 – that should tell you something.  Many of the quilts made by the Coxhoe Quilters  were displayed in  Durham Cathedral in January 2018 as part of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Some of the […]

Just What You’ve Been Waiting For

In the past several weeks, I’ve received blocks from these good people: BLOCKS Margaret Allen (US) Edna Jamandre (US) Susan Blexrud (US) (We’re gonna’ meet live and in person sometime this year.) Iris Harris (US – and from my hometown Fayetteville, GA!) Patricia Costantini (US) dedicated to the 70,273 innocent souls Pepe Bowman (US) Anonymous […]

All Good Things Must Come to an End

The 70273 Project quilts that have been on display in Rochester Cathedral since 23 Jan 18 came down today, and how very appropriate that as they made their exit they were serenaded by the King’s School Choir rehearsing for their spring concert. Thank you, Rochester Cathedral for hosting the exhibit. Thank you, Wendy Daws, Edina, […]

Jersey Heritage Museum

Every quilt on exhibit is made by people living in the Channel Islands. Kim and Gisele worked tirelessly to make sure that there is at least one quilt made of blocks from each parish.

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