these shoulders have worn . . .

a diaper to catch baby’s spitup
pads to reshape my figure,
a beautiful hand-dyed silk jacket
that kept sliding off.

they’ve cradled grieving friends
and proved a basin for their tears.

they’ve worn honor cords
and hand-knit shawls.

they’ve been a crutch
for those needing a little assistance
and a collection plate
for stress
both home grown
and adopted.

they’ve carried pocketbooks
and totebags
diaper bags
and computer bags.

they’ve stood straight enough
to behave responsibly
and broad enough
to be a good caregiver.

i stand on the shoulders
of so many
of so so many.
women and men,
sometimes even children
who lend their shoulders
to raise me up,
to new perspectives,
teaching me important things
making me a better person.

and i hope to reciprocate by
standing tall
by straightening and strengthening
my own shoulders,
readying them.
by living in such a way
that others will
be changed for the better
when they land on mine.
it seems the least i can do
and the greatest i can do.


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