the 70273 project badge

Exciting things happened during Week 8 of The 70273 Project:

~ Alana Sheeren’s podcast aired. Give a listen here.

~ I was interviewed for a magazine article. Details when it comes out

~ Blog readers can now translate into 91+ different languages

Block200MichelleBanton copy

~  Block  #200 made by Michelle Banton was catalogued.

Block273MJKinman3.5x6.5 copy

~ Block #273 made by MJ Kinman was catalogued.

Block300LeeDurbin6.5x9.5 copy

~ Block #300 by Lee Durbin was catalogued.

Block400DennieleBohannon3.5x6.5 copy

~ Block #400 made by Denniele Bohannon was catalogued.

~ The 70273 Project was featured in a blog post penned by Margaret Blank

Week #9 has been pretty exciting, too:

~ Meredith Shadwill asked me to contribute a writing prompt for the writing group she facilitates called Cultivate. My prompt is titled “Commemorate” (surprised?), and it goes live May 6. If you are interested in receiving Meredith’s prompts, head this way. Meredith also facilitated my guest appearance in the #StoryDam twitter chat.

~ I have 639 blocks in hand.


~ Block #500 made by Margaret Williams was catalogued.


~ Block #600 made by Laurie Dunn was catalogued.

~ I’ve been contacted by people in 58 countries.

Kitty Sorgen has become our coxswain, breaking our big goal of 70,273 blocks into breadcrumbs, giving us goals that step us on up to 70,273, and she encourages us all the way. Kitty has now said we need to collect 1000 blocks by June 1. (I think we can beat that.)

And on we grow, y’all.