Well, let’s see. This week was marked by plumbing issues at The 70273 Project Heartquarters (not so fun) and getting things done (great huge fun) – like, for example:
~ I created 2 more versions of each of The 70273 Project Birthday cards, one version that can be attached to emails and another version ready to post in social media.
~ And I made some amendments to the cataloguing system for some of The 70273 Project Tribe in France. I’ll tell you more about that later.

This week I am hugely grateful to these 70273 Project Angels for their financial donations:
Frances Holliday Alford,
Tari Vickery,
and one Angel who prefers to remain anonymous.


And thanks to the beautiful blocks from these kind, creative people:
Nancy Fenstermacher (PA, USA)
Barbara Churchville (PA, USA)
Rosalie Roberts (ID, USA)
Deborah MacKinnon (WA, USA)
Caroline Rudisill (TX, USA)
our block count grows to . . . 5683!

Till next week . . .


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