Week 33 In Review (9/26 – 10/2, 2016)


For the first time since April of this year, I enjoyed four consecutive days in the studio, and I filled them with The 70273 Project (though I’m still far from being caught up.) And it looks like I’ll get this post up just minutes before I turn into a pumpkin – Ha.



~ Quilt 1 was on display in a quilt show. I was there today, and saw many people gathered around to look, read, and snap photos.


~ Our first monthly Adventure that kicked off 9/1/2016 was Collaborate with Jeanne. Due to popular demand, I’ve extended the deadline for that till 10/31/2016.

~ Our Adventure for October is Collaborate with Your Siblings. Deadline for Siblings blocks is 11/30/16.

~ On 10/1/2016, Jennifer Moya started a Facebook group for Australian Machine Embroidery Addicts – a Sew Along for The 70273 Project, encouraging machine embroiders to become involved. Thank you, Jennifer!


~ I added a space to the Provenance Form for Makers to let me know if the blocks accompanying the form are for a particular Adventure. In the “Required Information” section just to the right of “Date”, you’ll see a space for “Adventure (if applicable)”. If you’re sending blocks to collaborate with me, for example, please put “Collaborate with Jeanne” in that space. If you’re making blocks for the Siblings Collaboration, be sure to note “Siblings Collaboration” in the space. And so on. If you send blocks for The 70273 Project in general, just leave blank or put N/A.


~ I added a new page to the blog for Clarions – people who spent some of their blog’s bandwidth writing about The 70273 Project. The only way I find out about these marvelous posts are if I’m tagged, emailed a link, or if one of my two alert services happens to pick them up and notify me. If you look at the page (links are arranged in chronological order of post) and don’t see yours, please send me a link, reread the preceding sentence,  and know that I would never knowingly leave you out. (But I will always Thank you.)

~ I went through every blog post and added block dimensions in cm. (If you find one I missed, please let me know.)

~ I added some link-crumbs to make it easier to find your way around from some blog posts that are related.

~ I tidied up the tags (a.k.a. keywords) to make it easier to find information. If you’ll look in the sidebar on the right, scroll down and you’ll see a search box for “keywords”. Click on the blue up and down arrows on the right of that box, and all the tags will show themselves for you. Highlight the one you want, click, and you will be whisked away to find the posts you seek.

~ I changed all links so that the new Provenance Form downloads.

~ I added the new Provenance Form to the Speaking to Groups Handbook and amended those links, too.


~ Because the German Nazis took 20 months to murder 70,273 disabled people, and because 20 months from our launch date is October 2017, and most importantly of all because it should not take longer to love than it takes to hate, we have a new deadline for collecting 70,273 blocks: October 2017.

~ I have now been contacted by people in 93 different countries.


~ Thanks to the creative generosity of:
Mary Schubert (California, USA)
Jerriann Crow (California, USA)
Elaine Smith (Texas, USA)
Onurai Dechakanist (Bangkok, Thailand)
Marjorie Holme (Illinois, USA)
Rosalie Roberts (Idaho, USA)
Desiree Habicht (California, USA)
Carolyn Katzoff (Colorado, USA)
Sylbette Bois (Coublevie, France)
Claudia Cross (California, USA)
Margaret Williams (Georgia, USA)
Anonymous (Florida, USA)
Linda Heron (Toronto, Canada)
Debra Steinmann (Georgia, USA)
and me
Our new block total is . . . 4379!

Give yourselves a hand, y’all . . . then get back to stitching;)

See you next week.


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  1. Sandy Snowden

    Hi Jeanne, I love this whole Idea. I have read a lot about that period since I was a child really.
    I want to sign up to the newsletter/mailchimp thing but it doesn’t seem to get an email through to me. I use it for our textile group, so I am not sure what is happening.
    Anyway, I want to take part. and I am thinking about how I can get my textile group to take part.
    Thanks for doing this.
    Sandy Snowden in the UK

    • whollyjeanne

      Hi Sandy,
      I am so sorry you’re having trouble subscribing to the email. I will “check under the hood” and see if I can find and fix the problem. I can also add you manually if you’d like. Doesn’t take me but a second.

      Thank you for joining in and for getting your textile group involved – that would be wonderful. However y’all want to become involved – make your own blocks and quilts, gather blocks from others in your area and make quilts for your area, send individual blocks that will go into quilts with other compassionate people from around the world, or maybe do something I haven’t yet thought of – I am grateful and will provide you whatever you need.
      Going to check on Mail Chimp now and see what I can do. Appreciate you letting me know cause if you’re having problems, others probably are, too.

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